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PC shiny buttons aka Stuart Gray.

Spotted this whilst having a read of The Times.

So PC Stuart Gray who has earned the nickname Shiny Buttons, decided in wisdom, that a motorist, who was stationary in a line of traffic with his handbrake applied, blew his nose. Yes apparently the blowing of ones nose is now a criminal offense, in that it means you are not in control of your vehicle. Despite the handbrake being applied.

Mind you were this just a one off example of acting like an utter twat, it could be written off as that. Sadly he has disgraced his uniform before and delved the depths of cuntitude when a few months ago, a person inadvertently dropped a £10 note and was immediately given a fixed penalty notice for 'littering'.

Have the local plod not got some back office some where this man can serve out his time counting paperclips, or other non customer facing work where he is only inflicted on his fellow officers?

No doubt Gray believes he has done his duty, only following orders and all that. He might even be proud that the story has crossed the pond and is reported on American sites.

So to PC Stuart Gray, I say this:
Your a cunt.

4 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, Cunts are useful - he isn't.

Anonymous said...

Pendantry alert - shouldn't that be 'You're a cunt'?

Fidothedog said...

Anon don't tell PC shiny buttons as I will be arrested for improper use of grammar.

Dazed And Confused said...

The cunt could be used to implement Paul Flynn's illegal handshake bill, as it seems that Shiny buttons himself has all the hallmarks of a vindictive New Labour law enforcement officer, where-by basic common sense goes down the pan, to be replaced by politically correct Socialist dogma, as so favoured by Comrade Flynn,.