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You have been Cromwelled!

The You've been Cromwelled site has been annoying quite a few of the expense fiddlers in the House of Commons.

I have chosen this MP who has replied to the site:

Thank you for this. I am a great admirer of Oliver Cromwell because he had the courage of his convictions and was prepared to stand up for what he believed in. He would never have hidden behind anonymity - that is the coward's way. Unless you are willing to put names and addresses to these very personal and almost libellous attacks then I am sure that most MPs will simply not respond.
Alison Seabeck MP

Our Reply
Dear Ms/Mrs Seabeck,
We couldn't possibly tell you who "Cromwelled" you. The site is a tool for voters to decide whether you need to be Cromwelled. It's a simple choice they know what is included in the email (it's quite clearly available on the site) and the voter makes the decision to click the button. Not us.
You are of course quite correct most MP's have not responded although some have, we expected this of course but the site is not about the responses (as humorous and ridiculous as they are) it's about getting the message across to those who the people have elected to serve them. It's quite clear that quite a few people want MP's to know that they serve us the voters and not the other way around.
Hope that helps!
The YBC Team

So as the lady has been protesting an got her taxpayer funded knickers in a knot, I thought I would do some digging.

Well lets have a look at her allowance for 09-10(PDF) well first off we are helping her fund her property portfolio as its our money being used to pay her mortgage interest.

Next up rather than use her wage of £64 grand to pay for her contents as we have to do, yep we get landed with the cost to the tune of £77.95p.

Plus we help her out with her utility bills, electric, gas, water and her telephone. Council tax, not a problem for Seabeck as we get to pay that for her.

She even charges us for cleaning, is the Rt Hon. woman to damn lazy to shove a hoover about her home? Plus repairs in Jan 2009 she charged us £518 for house repairs.

Best of all we even pay her television license, so Seabeck can sit her spotty behind down him a house we help pay for, watching a television that we paid for and which is powered by electric that we also pay for.

Oh and lets not forget the blinds a snip at £381.60 as well as curtains £44.99, now come on you did not mind buying them for her did you?

But all this claiming of your money is tiring stuff, so an MP after a hard day of picking your pocket needs to relax an so she has a sleep in her bed. A bargain at £707, oh an you picked up the bill. Lets not forget the £42.50 we paid as well for her duvet and sheets in September 05.

Then we have a washing machine/fridge that comes to £419.98, some kitchenware £20.96p of your money. Oh and £59.98 on a wardrobe.

Legal fees? Don't worry, not a problem the taxpayer is happy to pay £1044.99p.

Going back a while to March 06, we get landed with a bill for £8550 for stamp duty.

But no MP's home is complete with out an iron costing 9.98 and when she is in the kitchen she no uses the saucepan we paid for £5.99.

Like many women she likes to go shopping, sadly with our money. In June 05, she spent £549.89p on the following: kettle, tv, dvd and a toaster.

Needless to say after that digging I popped back to the Cromwell site an Cromwelled this woman myself. Oh and I am not hiding, if she has any problems with that she can mail me directly.

3 people have spoken:

banned said...

Anything to annoy the despicable thieves has to be a good thing.

Barking Spider said...

I think I'll go and Cromwell her myself, mate! ;-)

Anonymous said...

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