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Your pocket has been picked...

Well this did not take long for HM Govt to see the public as a good source of revenue..
Motorists guilty of minor 'crimes' such as parking misdemeanours are to be hit with a £15 surcharge to help victims of domestic violence or sex attacks.
The amount will be added to fixed penalty tickets given out by police for breaking parking regulations, contravening a stop sign, speeding and even having dirty windows. 
Motorists will be forced by law to pay the charge – even though their offence has no 'victim'.

So when you get fined by breaking one of the many thousands of rules/edicts/laws/regulations imposed by Labour, the fine will be increased by £15 to 'help victims of violent crime', which is doublespeak for it go's to the fake charities.
'Proceeds raised from the surcharge provide a ring-fenced source of funding for a wide variety of organisations providing non-financial support to victims and witnesses of crime.'
So the victims of your crime, of which there are none; but even assuming that there was a victim of the heinous crime of parking in the wrong place then the victim will not get a copper coin. Still lots of money for Labour fakecharities.

In the Parliamentary reply which revealed the Government's plan, Justice Minister Claire Ward said: 'It is Government policy that, where possible, offenders should contribute to victims' services as part of their reparation. 

Victims? What victims you odious stupid woman. Its a tax on the public, to pretend it is anything other than that is both wrong and an out and out lie. 

All this is going to do is "criminalize" yet more of the public, also it is not reparation but bloody taxation. The offenders as Claire Ward calls them are people who have been found guilty of non-conformism to arbitrary regulations.

All I hope is that the public see the fact that Labour are hitting them in the pockets and vote them out. 

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