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Gordon Brown tantrums 15

A Number Ten insider, discussing Gordon Brown, who told the Guardian:

"His intense bouts of anger are unremarkable to anyone who has worked closely with him. You just have to put up with this stuff. It is part of the daily experience, almost part of the furniture. He would behave in that way constantly. He suffers from a massive paranoia and an inability to accept blame, yet he runs a blame culture that allows him to blame others. He does not seek to win an argument, he just seeks to bully. If you have not worked closely with him before, it is truly shocking"

My thoughts are with the poor people who have to deal with this vile odious mono eye'd thug. 

3 people have spoken:

Uncle Marvo said...

I actually know someone who does work for this vile odious m-e-t.

She tells me that he is a cunt but that it is not for long, now.

Apparently he not the only cunt in the frame, either. There is at least one other, has funny eyebrows.

banned said...

I have stolen that scan, mind you I don't suppose the paper acknowledged that G.Brown has suffered the sobriquet 'Prime Monster' throughout the Blogosphere since he ponced the job.

My first real employer was a bully of the first order, no point going into details but suffice to say that I got my revenge when headhunted by her major client.
I was going to give the bitch two weeks notice (as was then the norm) but when she told me that she had sacked my #2 for not knowing all the client details that were in MY head while I was absent at said client meeting/job offer 'here's the car let's do lunch'.
Left that day and took all her client/project info with me.

Barking Spider said...

Nice excerpt, Fido, I nicked it to update my recent post about the cunt.