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gordon brown tantrums no.13

13. Flinging his trousers out of the room in an attempt to find his wallet

Tom Bower’s biography of Brown featured a recollection from an aide from around 1994: “An aide walking late at night along the corridor in Millbank heard grunts and groans from Brown’s office. Suddenly a pair of trousers flew out the door, then there was a crash. Brown was scrabbling through a bag, throwing socks and books onto the floor. “I can’t find my wallet,” he shouted. “I need money for a cab fare to the airport.” His personal disorganisation prompted potential sympathisers to question his ability to lead the party. ” (Gordon Brown by Tom Bower)

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banned said...

WTF didn't he have an account with a taxi firm?
As for the pic: re free laptops for lazy bastards, he might be on to a winner there.

"Administrators of a wealthy suburban school district have been spying on students and their families at home after giving them laptops fitted with webcams..."


"An assistant principal at Harriton High School warned their son, Blake, in November last year that he was "engaged in improper behaviour in his home", citing a photo taken on his laptop webcam as evidence."

Nonce Alert!!!
"...many of the images captured and intercepted may consist of minors and their parents or friends in compromising or embarrassing positions" including "various stages of undress".
Fucking perverts take us for fools.