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Life in New Labour's Britain.

From Big Brother Watch
Over at the Telegrapha story which brings Vanessa Kelly's case to mind - Kirsty Allen, a mother in Grimsby, has been fined £50 for her toddler apparently dropping a banana skin from his pram.
Jobsworth wardens should never be given powers like this – Kirsty Allen’s case demonstrates that they can’t use these powers responsibly or proportionately.
These powers are meant for people who behave wantonly, who do such thingsdeliberately - they are supposed to be used with discretion and discrimination,with common sense. None of these things are true with this example.
We shall be in touch with Ms Allen and we will offer our assistance as we did with Vanessa.
The fine should be refunded and the council should apologise. And they should be ashamed of themselves for thinking it’s reasonable to fine a mother when her toddler inadvertently drops a banana skin.

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Ron Russell said...

Its fast getting to the point that almost anything man does needs to regulated to protect the environment, but pigeon shit on statues in Hyde Park is quite acceptable. You are right the council went overboard.