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PCSO scum stop photographer going about their lawful business.

Sadly later on the real police also act like utter cunts and detain this chap for the dubious crime of taking photo's.

He turned on his video camera the moment he was approached by a police community support officer (PCSO). In the footage, she said: "Because of the Terrorism Act and everything in the country, we need to get everyone's details who is taking pictures of the town."

Need to get everyones details, fucking fuck the fuck off is what you and every other waste of my fucking tax money PCSO needs to do.

Beause of the Terrorism Act, what sort of fucking excuse is that. Is everyone with a camera a bleedin muslim bomber now? If that is what that PCSO thinks, then they need a spell in the sodding lunatic asylum. As for the gathering of details, there is a little thing called the law.

That someone does not have to provide them when going about there lawful business.

How the fuck that uber-cock became even a PCSO is fucking beyond me, then for its fucking stupidity to be backed up by a real officer of the law is a total disgrace.

Pair of utter cunts.

2 people have spoken:

Dazed And Confused said...

Thirteen Years and this is what it's come to. Politically correct diversity training, followed by East German Stasi style indoctrination, which teaches that all members of the public are to be seen as inherently evil criminals, and then away you go...Arrest people under any damned pretence available, under Gordon's draconian anti terror laws.

New Labour - New Britain. Utter Scum.

banned said...

So now they use the simple fact of photography as evidence of 'anti-social behaviour' and thus justification for arrest, fucking outrageous; "I THINK" is now evidence?
Ye gods, not many years ago we were still laughing at comices who represented nazi or commusnist goons demanding to see someones papers for the crime of being in a public place.

I hope this chap sued their bollox off.