The National Debt Clock.

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So how are you coping with the credit crunch?

As Old Holborn points out some pigs are far more equal than others.
Well, well

£1.3 million pounds is being repayed by our elected thieves after they were caught with their hands in the till. Roughly a quarter of them will not seek re-election. Yet no criminal charges. None. They walk away scott free into gold plated pensions.
We are truly fools. We deserve this.

All their utility bills paid for by us, travel paid for, food and drinks all paid for, subsidized bars and cheap food subsidized by us, mortgage interest paid, a cool £64 grand as a backbench MP, index linked pension, home repairs and insurance yep we pay for that as well.

Kettles, TV's, DVD's, bedding, in fact anything an MP wants can be claimed off of us, right down to porn films and cable TV.

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