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Well said that man.

I see that OBo is on fine form mocking the dim witted political class and so over to OBo on the latest bit of fuckwitery from some grafting scumbag in the Government.
Barbara Follett thinks this is a good idea:
Politicians are ready to introduce league tables naming and shaming the speed with which internet service providers take down offensive material.

Anybody who thinks the Tories will be any better?

The culture minister, Barbara Follett, and her Tory shadow, Ed Vaizey, have backed the idea that web providers must be embarrassed into dealing with violent, sexually explicit web content.

Here's a better idea: why don't we strap the two of you face down, arse rape you with broken bottles and then let a farm of red ants chew out your eyes?

Good man.

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418 said...

But things have move far beyond the likes of Ms Follett, Mr Vaizey, red ants and other liberals: the recent Davos Economic Forum has decreed that the Internet should be policed.

"Calls to mandate Internet users to obtain licenses, in other words government permission, before they can post to the web have grown in recent weeks, with top Microsoft executive Craig Mundie insisting at the recent Davos Economic Forum that the Internet should be policed."

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Barking Spider said...

How about league tables for the fastest internet download speeds - or naming and shaming the slowest - or even the ones who sabotage your connection with jiggery-pokery?!

Someone less cynical than I am wouldn't have figured out that BT were responsible for my connection problems - fortunately, my ISP has now gone in with all guns blazing - BT.....cunts!