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12 little scum sucking New Labour pigs.

Just look at this little shower of champagne swilling socialist scumfucks. 
Who have been up before the justices on charges of theft, or have been suspended from the party, suspended from the Lords, found to be expense fiddling, whoring themselves to the highest bidder like a rentboy in Mandelson's office.

Byers, Hewitt, Hoon, Devine, Chaytor, Morley, Baroness Uddin, Lords Blackburn, Truscott, Snape and Moonie, last but not least, Margaret Moran. 

Strange how benefit theft is a crime, yet if you are part of the ruling elite they even argue that the court should not be trying them. Pic from Guido

3 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

You be cheaper, in bandwith and less work for you, putting up photographs of the honest one(s).

Anonymous said...

I hope that some struggling pensioner who can't afford to pay their poll tax, or some poor guy who lost his job and is struggling to get any benefit, and forgets to mention that he has £240 that his granny left him in a building society account, fights back when they are hauled up before the beak, treated like scum and fined vast amounts or sent to jail.

I think we should bloody well revolt against them.

I'd hang them and ask questions later. No point in asking them anything anyway. They just lie their fat arses off.

Impossible to imagine that anyone will vote for them. But they will....

evision said...