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Baroness Ashton of the EUSSR.

A hat tip to the Red Rag who points out:
I was not amused to read this in The Times this morning:

Baroness Ashton of Upholland has come up with a suggestion to improve her much-criticised performance as the EU’s top diplomat — her own aircraft.
You all remember the bad old days of the Soviet Empire, when the plebs scraped on by with a pittance and longed to bugger off to West Germany and the free world. Whilst their leaders swanned about in fancy planes and fed shit to useful idiots in the west about how brilliant the Soviet Union and communism was.

The Baroness would have fitted in so well into that world.

Not much in the press about this, and yet it puts the greed of our MP's into some perspective, even they have not tried to blag a plane on expenses....................yet!

Lest we forget, she really is one ugly motherfucker!

1 people have spoken:

banned said...

I have come up with a suggestion about how fake 'Baroness' Cafe Ahstray of Fuckallgood might improve her much-criticised performance as the EU’s top diplomat.

Get a new face then jump out of your plane without a parachute, hideous old bitch.