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Camra slowly wake up to the threat.

I have often wonder quite what CAMRA is for, I was once a member but decided not to renew my membership due to their inaction on the political scene. They talk about preserving the traditional pub, good beer and service and yet get into bed with New Labour, Alcohol Concern and all the statist, banning enemies of such traditions.

Yes, and this is good news, they are slowly waking up to the fact that Labour hates drinkers, wants us all removed, blamed for the actions of the feral youth produced in their schools and regulated/taxed to fucking oblivion. The below is from the Camra site.

CAMRA slams 25% beer duty increase in last 2 years as threat to survival of community pubs

‘With nearly 6 pubs a day still closing, what community pubs and pub goers needed today was a lifeline, not a death knell.' (Mike Benner, CAMRA Chief Executive)

CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, has attacked the Government's lack of regard for community pubs and responsible beer drinkers following a punitive 5% increase in beer duty in today's Budget and plans to increase beer duty above inflation for the next three years.

With nearly 6 pubs a day already closing, CAMRA fears these latest rises will mark the end for many more valued community pubs, with beer prices set to rise in pubs by up to 20p a pint.

Instead of freezing beer duty and helping to protect the nation's well-run community pubs, the Chancellor's last act before the General Election is to impose another duty hike that will lead to further wholesale pub closures. Beer duty has soared by an unprecedented 25% in the last 2 years.

Mike Benner, CAMRA Chief Executive, said:

‘Today's budget is a charter for the large supermarkets who irresponsibly promote alcohol as a loss leader at the expense of our nation's community pubs, real ale and responsible pub goers.

‘CAMRA is totally at a loss in understanding how a Government that recognises the community value of pubs can impose such consistently draconian beer duty increases.

‘Today's duty increase has stamped down on the survival hopes of community pubs across the UK. This is a further tax raid on responsible beer drinkers and community pubs. It is however a tax raid that will yield little extra money for the Government as any extra beer duty will be outweighed by job losses, pub closures and reduced business taxes.'

CAMRA has today also expressed concern at the 10% above inflation increase in duty on cider and will be demanding Government action to support and protect small real cider producers.

‘Hitting small real cider producers with this hike will cause irreparable damage to one of the nation's most historic craft industries. The Government must introduce a relief package to support the UK's small cider producers.'

ENDS From http://www.camra.org.uk/page.aspx?o=whatsnew1

3 people have spoken:

Red Squirrel said...

In my experience CAMRA members are just fat communist bastards!

sentientbeing said...

‘CAMRA is totally at a loss in understanding how a Government that recognises the community value of pubs can impose such consistently draconian beer duty increases.

This Govt does recognise the community value of the pub!
Govt intent is to destroy the societal cohesion of the pub, once a powerful chamber for the discussion of opposing views. When a pub dies, another slice of freedom is removed, and when the last pub is gone so is debate, and free thought is lost.

fellist said...

GKC in The Flying Inn:

"When the English oligarchy is run by an Englishman who hasn’t got an English mind - then you have Lord Ivywood and all this nightmare, of which God could only guess the end."