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Michael Mackintosh Foot (23 July 1913 – 3 March 2010)

Former British Labour Party leader Michael 0.3048 Meters Foot who died today, was best remembered for his crushing defeat in the 1983 general election and some might argue that his greatest achievment was ensuring that Labour did not get elected.

He was pilloried for supposedly wearing a donkey jacket at a remembrance day wreath laying ceremony.

He was also shown wearing one on several covers of the satirical magazine Private Eye; it was in actuality a "very expensive short overcoat" chosen by his wife.

One has to wonder quite what the dress code will be at Mr Foot's funeral?

In 1981 fellow Labour MP Walter Johnson denounced the leader as looking like 'an out-of-work Irish navvy'.

This was because Foot played his major role as Leader of the Opposition at the Cenotaph ceremony wearing what his critics denounced as an old donkey jacket.

It was that which earned him the derogatory nickname, Wurzel Gummidge and which, more than any political issue, was probably responsible for Labour's election calamity in 1983.

Although Mr Foot died of natural causes he will probably be remembered for '83 election manifesto "the longest suicide note in history", making him the first case of someone dying over 20 years after they publish their suicide note.

Still a clown who was wrong on every major issue of the day be it nationalisation, union reform, nuclear disarmamant, domestic policy, or even how to dress himself. He led his party to a disaster which thankfully led to recovery under Thatcher. That said he was not all bad as I did gain a few points off of him on my dead pool game.

A inept and incompetent commie who is now being fawned over by piss poor TV eulogies, in the words of the late great Kenny Everett "Lets kick Michael Foot's stick away!"

I wonder if the funeral will be held on a Wednesday so the PM can dive out from doing PMQ's again and blag some more free airtime posing with his wife Magda Goebbals Sarah Brown, and NOT using the children for free PR.

But mockery aside my thoughts at this time are with his children, Shadrach Dingle and Worzel Gummidge at this sad time.

7 people have spoken:

Uncle Marvo said...

He wasn't daft though. He said in 2002 that this lot were going to fuck it all up.

Good prediction.

Fidothedog said...

True, I am just hoping that Paul Flynn MP go's next, another few points in the dead pool.

Captain Ranty said...

Some say it is shameful to speak ill of the dead.

Me? I find it's the best possible time.


Dazed And Confused said...

I await the old Comrades waxing lyrical on Michael Foots passing later on this evening.

Just goes to show Mr Flynn, we've all got a sell by date, and yours can't be that far away either.

Fidothedog said...

Dazed, yes shall be mocking that as well at some later date.

Wonder what the odds are on an accumulator bet on Flynn shuffling off in the next week?

Houdini said...

Another typical vastly rich commie in the Benn mould.

RIP, but I never saw him as anything other than the typical champagne socialist.

banned said...

KGB stooge.