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MP's and the elite still grabbing your cash.

First up we have Geoff Hoon who claims he is just like anyone working his notice. 'Anyone about to leave one job, not surprisingly, would use their knowledge, their experience, their skills drawn from their previous positions to try and earn a living in the future.
'That is actually what happens in all interviews and I don't think that I was in a different position from anyone else who leaves or loses a job and is thinking of moving on to another.'
In the sting, Mr Hoon said he was using his unpaid Nato role to drum up lucrative work, claiming it had provided insights commercially valuable to the arms industry.
He said a recent trip to Washington had involved three days work for Nato followed by 'a couple of days of Hoon work'.

Whilst this chap has to repay his ill gotten gains. The former head of the Commons standards watchdog was ordered today to hand back £28,000 in expenses he claimed for a second home that he used as a love nest to meet his mistress.
Tory MP David Curry received allowances for the property in Yorkshire despite spending the night there only 'very rarely' between 2005 and 2009, an investigation found.
The Standards and Privileges Committee also concluded that he had breached rules by failing to change the designations of homes during a period when he had separated from his wife in 2004.
Mr Curry stopped staying at the property, where he had entertained his mistress Cherry Edwards, as part of the terms of a 2005 reconciliation with his wife, Anne.

None of the MP's we have deserve to sit in The Common's, instead if we had a justice system they would be sitting in a police cell.

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