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New Labour are barking up the wrong tree.

Alan Johnson and Hilary Benn have produced a report which proposes that all dogs in this country should be micro-chipped and that dog-owners should have compulsory third-party insurance. Story

Dog owners face a new pet “tax” in a government initiative to tackle the menace of dangerous dogs.

Compulsory microchipping of every dog — which would cost owners an average £30 — is included in a consultation report published today.

It also suggests that the six million dog owners in Britain should be covered by third-party insurance to cover injuries to victims of dog attacks.

In an attempt to give greater protection from “weapon” or status dogs, owners of unruly dogs would be subject to new antisocial behaviour orders, already dubbed “Dogbos”. These dog control orders would make it unlawful for a dog to be out of control in any place, public or private.

According to the report from Alan Johnson, the Home Secretary, and Hilary Benn, the Environment Secretary, police or council wardens would have powers to issue these orders, similar to fixed-penalty notices. They may require a dog to be fenced in, neutered, muzzled or kept on a lead, and for an owner to attend a dog handling course. Any breaches could lead to prosecution, a fine, or even prison if animal cruelty were involved. The worst owners would be banned for life from keeping a dog and unruly animals would be destroyed.

So that is it? That is the best idea this dire fag end government can dream up after far to many years in power. Absolutely pathetic.

ASBO's for dogs, Jesus wept. Talk about running out of ideas. Now I will point out that it is already a criminal offense for a dog to be out of control. 

So the vast majority of responsible dog owners will be forced to stump up cash, just in case their mutt nips the postman; whilst the social underclass will carry on as normal and ignore the law as they do every other law. Those on low budgets may well be forced to give up their dog, or worse we will see dogs abandoned on the streets. 

I wonder quite how they will ensure that every dog has been micro-chipped? Maybe a doggie DNA database, they do love their databases do Labour. 

Worst part of this fiasco is the plan to hand over power to the council wardens, the jack booted public sector underpant sniffers who look for smokers, folk with cameras and now will be able to pick on old ladies for the crime of a barking poodle. 

I can see the worthless PCSO's getting sexually aroused at the thought of another group of people they can pick on. 

Still lets hope that Labour really push this, after all six million dogs, mean six million owners who see their pet being demonized by Labour. 

Hopefully that should cost them a few more lost seats come election day. 

2 people have spoken:

418 said...

Six million dogs = many more than six million votes. Dogs may only have one registered owner on the new dog-owners' database but this exciting new policy initiative is likely to piss of entire families of people with dogs; lots and lots of dog-lovers, much more than six million.

418 said...

Oh, and concerning the database: it will have loads and loads of info on it about the owner - way more than the reasonable person would consider to be appropriate - and it will all be available to any snooper with an email ending in dot gov dot uk, as well as some hackers, as well as somebody who happens to pick up a stray disk on the bus.