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New Labour communists fail again: DNA database failure.

So after pushing us all to have ID cards and taking millions of peoples DNA, the database state of the New Labour communists has failed.

As few as one in every 1,300 crimes reported to the police is solved by the national DNA database, according to a report released by MPs yesterday.

The research shows that - despite the massive expansion in the Government database - only 3,666 crimes are detected every year with links to an existing DNA profile.

That is one in every 1,300 of the 4.9million crimes carried out, and just one in 350, or 0.3 per cent, of the 1.3 million crimes solved by police, according to the home affairs select committee.

During an investigation into the database - which now holds five million samples - senior police officers told the committee that around 33,000 crimes are solved using DNA matches.

But many of those would be solved even without a national database, the report said.

The figure included crimes where the DNA was taken from a suspect the police were already questioning, then matched to the crime scene.

Crimes that a suspect asked to be taken into consideration were also included, even though only the first offence may have involved DNA.

The campaign group Genewatch said removing these 'indirect detections' reduced the number of crimes solved by DNA to 3,666.

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