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New Labour 'We don't do God' as Cllr George Reynolds has found out.

Archbishop Cranmer has a rather interesting story on how Labour have shown yet again that they don't do God, unless of course it has another name like Allah and if there are votes in it. So a councillor for their party, a Mr Reynolds has run into that age old clash of politics V religion.

He has attempted to follow his faith and been informed that his faith should come second to that of party work and so been deselected as he is a pastor and happens to be in church on a sunday. Socialists I have noticed have a particular abhorrence to Christianity in the main, classing it as hideously English and something they would like to get around to banning in due course.
Cllr George Reynolds (Colliers Wood, Merton Council) is, by all accounts, a loyal, hard-working, compassionate and caring councillor. He gives freely and abundantly of his time and serves the community assiduously on numerous committees, including Merton Council’s Appointments Committee, the Children and Young People Overview and Scrutiny Panel, the General Purposes Committee, the Planning Applications Committee, the Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education and the Sustainable Communities Overview and Scrutiny Panel.

You would think Labour would laud and honour such a good and faithful servant.

But Cllr Reynolds has been deselected as a candidate in the forthcoming local elections not because he objected to canvassing on the Sabbath on grounds of religious conscience, but because, as a pastor of his church, he is obliged to tend for his flock on Sundays and does not possess that particularly-useful divine attribute of ubiquity: the ability to be simultaneously here, there and everywhere.

A Conservative candidate for the forthcoming elections in Merton (Miles Windsor) has delved a little into the story:

“What I have heard, from reliable sources, is deeply concerning. Siobhain McDonagh, Labour MP for Mitcham and Morden, is well-known for her Sunday morning canvassing. That’s fine of course, if a little irritating for those residents whose Sunday mornings are sacred for one reason or the other. If she doesn’t maintain a personal faith and wish to attend church on Sundays that is her business. ‘So what’s the problem?’, I hear you ask.

“Cllr Reynolds is the pastor of a church and leads his congregation on Sunday mornings. Thus, he asked to be exempted from canvassing on a Sunday. A reasonable request most would think, especially as it isn’t just his beliefs that would be conflicted (although this would be reason enough) but also as it is his job. Siobhan wouldn’t agree it would seem. He has been de-selected.”

Cllr Reynolds is Lay Pastor at Tooting Methodist Church, and Cranmer has never heard of anything so outrageous as a Christian minister being deselected as a political candidate because his church commitments prevent him from carrying out political activity on a Sunday. This is one of the most outrageous anti-Christian manifestations of this appallingly oppressive and illiberal Labour Government.

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