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Yet more champagne socialism from Labour.

Oh here we go again yet more demands from the overpaid talentless scum that make up our MP's:
Labour's women MPs last night demanded that taxpayers should pay for their childcare - worth up to £18,000-a-year.
They claim that they have to find around £12,000 for the childcare itself, £1,000 for accountancy fees, £1,000 for cleaning and £500 for furniture and maintenance.
Their request will infuriate taxpayers already outraged by last year's revelations about the scale of MPs' allowances and expense claims.
The extraordinary demand came as around 50 MPs complained that they should have an increase in their pay and allowances to help them cope with a tougher expenses regime.

So lets see if I have this right, we pay an MP some £64 grand a year, they get over 100 days off a year(paid), a huge index linked pension and a cushy pay off when they either leave or lose their seat.

On top of that they get free holidays abroad on the pretext of "fact finding", travel expenses paid for and claim back all their utility bills off of us. Now they expect us to fund their childcare rather than dip into their wage of £64 grand a year like the rest of population has to.

Maybe they should realize that having a child is a choice and one they should pay for out of their own pocket, rather than picking mine.

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