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Business rates soar 527% under Labour.

So this is what PM Gordon meant when he said he was working hard for business.
One Welsh pub will have to pay 527% more in business rates this year, since Wales doesn’t allow sharp rates increases to be phased in.

That’s an extra £650 per month licensees Jill and Ahmed Abdullah will have to pay. Pubs in England with steep rates increases will have them phased in, so that the maximum increase they will pay is 11%.

But Wales does not operate a transitional relief programme.

The Abdullahs bought the freehold of the Castle Inn at Pengenffold, Powys, in August 2008, after the property had been revalued for the 2010 ratings list.

This means the couple don’t know what trading information was given to the Valuation Office Agency (VOA).

Previously their rateable value (RV) was £4,100, which meant they were also eligible for Small Business Rates Relief of 25%. As their RV has increased to £19,600 they do not qualify for any relief.

Ahmed said: “We’ve looked at other pubs in the area with a similar trading style and their increases have been fairly modest.

“Finding £650 a month will be very difficult.”

The Abdullah’s were paying £152 by direct debit, but this will rise to £802. The couple have arranged a meeting with their local VOA.

The Federation of Small Businesses public affairs manager Simon Evans said: “Some local authorities have emergency funds. The first point must be to assess why the rates have gone up so much.”

I think I can answer that one, billions wasted at home and abroad, record national debt, a bloated public sector, and a government that has utterly ruined every aspect of this land in its time in power.

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manwiddicombe said...

Having had to deal with the VOA for a revaluation last year can I offer the following insight?

As far as I know business rates are based on the floor plan of your business (broken down into different sections ie primary customer area, kitchen area, toilet, store rooms) and the amount of rent you pay (or the market rent) for the property all mixed in with local area multiplyers.

As an aside I'm pretty certain that I stayed in the pub when the previous owners ran it.. .. .. an RV of £4,100 seem ridiculously low but also an RV of £19,600 seem ridiculously high for that property.

Brew Wales said...

What has happened in other parts of Wales recently is that the local councils have decided to charge the business rate on domestic premises if they are connected to the business. Torfaen council did this to Cwmbran brewery and put them out of business.