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Crime : Cause and effect.

Whilst the mono eye'd snot muncher claims that all is well and folk everywhere are safe in their beds, we see that that shopkeepers who ask the police for help are tolkd to call the police.
And when he did call the police, the officers who were assigned to deal with the theft missed the radio call because they were celebrating at a colleague’s retirement party.
Force bosses have now launched an investigation into the fiasco after Mr Taylor complained.
The farce began when Mr Taylor, 50, chased two youths from his newsagents in Hessle, East Yorkshire after they allegedly stole a bottle of whisky and a bottle of Baileys liquor.
He followed the pair on foot before running back, locking up his store and jumping in his car as the teenagers made off into a nearby cemetery.
Now is there any wonder why crime is so fucking high under the New Labour communists, probably even higher as God alone knows how many people fail to even report crime knowing that little if anything will be done.

Over to OH who points out

You know it and I know it. If it isn't nailed down, it's gone and if they really want it, there is nothing you can do to stop them from taking it, by force.

This is what happens when the State assumes the responsibility for the individual. This is what happens when Government decides your life for you. You are not to blame and lessons will be learned.

Da Yoof runs the schools according to their own agendas. Agendas imposed by meddling politicians, desperate to interfere, to socially adjust, to manipulate. The Police are now so politicised that they have ceased to function in the prevention of crime and are just pen pushers fiddling the stats to report back to their political masters for a pat on the back. Our prison service is overloaded with career criminals and violent nut jobs who should be in Mental hospitals. Hundreds of thousands are under curfews or ASBO's or cautions.

We have allowed our politicians to create a generation of feral monsters in return for a few years at the Westminster trough and a gold plated pension. Meanwhile, swathes of Britain are no go areas. Drunken shouting and fighting in the street are the norm. Averted glances and hurrying by are the order of the day. We are living in fear of our own citizens who at the slightest provocation or misinterpreted comment will put you in hospital or a graveyard.

And no one stops them. An army of lawyers uses YOUR money to defend them and see them back on the streets.

Stay safe out there, people. It's dangerous. Politicians made it that way. and it's going to get much, much worse.
"Can't fookin' touch us, soft lads"

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**Spot on OH, after all we can't have the police picking on the very people who support the New Labour client state.

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