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Is The Queen in for some more bad luck?

The one eye'd snot muncher may be off to see HM The Queen to get the election rolling, as his record for causing disaster to occur just by the misfortune of his turning up is second to none; it might be worth that Liz checks that the insurance on her palaces is all paid up in case any fires happen and none of the royals go flying on Glen Miller Airlines anywhere in the next few days*

*Except for Edward as no one would miss him, oh and Prince Charles as I have him listed in my dead pool.

Oh an have a read of this as Magda takes Cyclops off to see Her Majesty...
“Are you ready to go to the Palace to see the Queen, Gordon? Did you put on my favourite mauve tie of yours? You did. Let me look at you… you look sooooo smart. I am so proud of you Gordon.”

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Wrinkled Weasel said...

Short of seeing Brown dangling from a lamp post, watching him lose the election will be my moment of the decade.