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The joys of New Labour's social engineering.

Fist off you start a climate of fear:
England is the least patriotic nation in Europe as people are too scared of being branded racist to fly the flag.
Over-the-top political correctness, loss of national identity, and worrying about being judged when expressing pride in the country are the main reasons behind the findings, according to a study.
Six per cent of Englishmen and women said they were 'scared' to fly the national flag and one in six fear they will be told to take it down.
Then you tell people the lie that they are not second class citizens, their inner cities turned into crime filled ghetto's:
Gordon Brown risked an angry backlash over immigration yesterday by telling voters to get the problem in 'perspective'.
The Prime Minister suggested that fears about the numbers coming into the country were unfounded as he repeated his controversial claims that net inward migration is falling.
Mr Brown has rejected Tory plans for a cap on immigration, insisting that a 'tough' points-based system for admitting skilled migrants is a better way of controlling the numbers.

But do keep quiet about how New Labour let in the savages to enforce multiculturalism and if you dare complain about the "new citizens" carrying out crime that makes you an evil racist.

Oh and do not, what ever you do point out that bringing in semi literate savages from dusty 3rd world toilet lands is liable to lead to a rise in crime and that these people will be on the police website.
For a safer future, it would be best not to vote for Labour.

4 people have spoken:

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Yes and if you do witness a crime whitey you are too stupid to realise what you have seen!! Last night's crap on the GGT being part of the brain washing process.

Amusing Bunni said...

Fido, great post, and spot on.
Who are we going to believe, our own eyes and ears, or Gordoom, the one eyed wanker, aka Winky McFuckwit. I sure hope you get rid of him and his scums on May 6th.

Fidothedog said...

Cheers both, people can see it happening and are slowly waking up to the threat posed to our society by Brown and liberals like him.

banned said...

Obviously the police are institutionally racist to include just one bloke with a normal name; if you doubt it just take a wander over to your local crown court and check out the names on the court listings.