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Rt Hon. Paul Flynn MP: Nothing more than a corrupt lying thief.

Paul Flynn MP has spent years tucking into the taxpayer funded slops at the House of Commons, a classic champagne socialist of the old school he is happy to play the class warrior whilst failing to spot the irony of clearing over £100K in expenses himself.

A proven liar who lost his libel case, he even had the cheek to charge his legal costs to us the hard working taxpayers.

Time for change in Newport, lets get someone who works for us rather than funding his life of luxury and indolence and even a bed claimed on expenses.

Lets put Flynn out to pasture and get an MP for the people of Newport, rather than one who works for Paul Flynn.

Details of his legalised theft on the sidebar, maybe Mr Flynn would care to sue me; then we can make it to failed libel cases....
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4 people have spoken:

Dazed And Confused said...

Just read the old comrades blog, where-by he blathers on, about how he was happy to enjoy free reign to spout his bile, free from any Tory opposition on some Pravda radio station.

Hardly fucking news, simply par for the course.

Jeff said...

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Dazed And Confused said...


Fuck off you spamming cunt.

Anonymous said...

Fido Mate, would you do me the honour of a guest post over at mine? Theme: Paul the fucktard Flynn gather all the dirt on him and let rip in one post.

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