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The Welsh (Arse)mbly wastes money on fake charity Alcohol Concern.

A class post from Brew Wales
Fake charity Alcohol Concern have been splashing out on a new website with taxpayers money, this time from the Welsh Assembly who kindly gave them £250,000 last year to interfere in our lives.
The new bilingual campaign, intitled Drinkwise Wales features lots of interactive sections with the 'How Much Do You Drink' bit firmly on the front page. My answer is of course - "None of your bloody business you Nanny State Stasi employees so why don't you get the hell out of my life and stop trying to tell all of us how to run our lives". Unfortunately there is no section to put that in. Also only wine, lager, canned beer, whiskey and alcopops are mentioned on the page, leaving us real ale and cider drinkers alone. Come on now Alcohol Concern, if you are going to be preaching to the masses on how to run their lives, surely you need to be preaching to all of them?

Perhaps the worst bit of Nanny State pandering on this site is thereaction game at which you must be the farmer catching eggs from his chicken. No I'm not kidding and this pile of shit is payed for by us the taxpayer!

Nearly forgot to mention that this taxpayer-funded site is offering a competition to win £100 worth of Amazon vouchers. All you have to do is answer a few questions and give them your name, address and email address so that this fake charity can put you on their database.If you have the number on your personal ID drink entitlement card that would also be useful.

Anyway that's the Saturday rant over and I've not even read the Daily Mail yet, still if you want more on the puritanical neo-prohibitionists Alcohol Concern and their boss Don Shenker I suggest you head over to see Fido at the Don Shenker is a Chump site. NB the word 'chump' is used in the similar way that Peter the Pedarist used it earlier this year.

2 people have spoken:

banned said...

I suppose all those Web Site Design Consultants have to earn a living somehow but, to be honest the majority of amateur bloggers come up with more interesting looking sites than that.

Pity there is no on line petition like Alcohol concern Scotland put up last year asking us to vote on the proposition
"Cheap alcohol is damaging health and society, I support minimum pricing"

Banned, Alcohol petition

Once 'we' got hold of it the Nay vote went from 68% to 95% ( 9,000 votes even though at one point 1,500 votes went missing) .
before they pulled the petition.

That was a real hoot.

Thatsnews said...

What am I drinking? Some so-so beer I picked up whilst shopping for milk at the nearest supermarket. Lidl.

It's not TOO bad, to be honest. I have drunk worse. John Smith's keg. for example.

I DO wish people would leave us drinkers alone.