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What a bloody good idea.

I do like this sign from manwiddicombe
And all of the non-smokers who spent the whole of the winter laughing at smokers freezing for their addiction have suddenly commandeered the tables in the pub beer gardens up and down the country. I've heard more than one complaint about "being subjected to clouds of smoke while we try to enjoy a beer and the sunshine" and, quite honestly, it has pissed me off. I'm going to see my local print shop tomorrow to see how expensive it would be to get some of these printed on stickers

Indeed well said that man. I think a trip to the printers may be in order tomorrow...

4 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

One would imagine that if this vile Socialist junta manipulate themselves into power again, smokers will be banned from all public places come five Years from now, in doors or out. Which of course will also sit nicely with New Labours newly formed bill of banning alcohol in City centres, outlawing the wearing of Christian jewellery, as not to offend some thin skinned Muslim, stepping out of the house without one's I.D. card, and a tattooed bar code on ones head, for those of us who refuse point blank to ever vote Labour again.

People may laugh, but who would have believed thirteen years ago, as to what this odious junta were capable of introducing then, and how the British people have swallowed it, hook line and fucking sinker, with no little help from the neo Communist propaganda machine, otherwise know as the self righteous BBC.

Anonymous said...


Fuck off you spamming cunt!

Fidothedog said...

Yeah, the smokers days are numbered if Liebour get in an bye bye envision.

manwiddicombe said...

The original image is no good for printing so I've redone it at 300dpi and uploaded the .pdf file here.