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What I want.

Well not a fucking one of the political whores have ever asked me what the fuck I want. So this is what I think my ideal party would have:

No taxation without representation; I don't give a fuck if you think you can find the perfect way of saving lives with my tax money ask me first or fuck off. Let us vote on it, if other lands can do that so can we.

No aid to shit holes abroad, end the gravy train and make the fuckers work to resolve their own problems.

Deport illegals back to same shit holes abroad. A quota system based on skills and jobs for our workers, not EU workers.

Shut down the PCSO's and put the money into getting some more real police on the beat, let them get a real job rather than some cushy state funded pretend police role.

Next up policing, no more stopping old ladies for feeding birds or train spotters for taking pictures; nope it back on the beat and hauling in drug dealers. Note back on the beat means fucking walking and being seen, not poncing about in a Noddy car pretending to be Reagan from The Sweeny.

End the quango's, do we really need a potato marketing board for fucks sake or an Immigration Advisory quango run by a convicted fraudster and ex Tory MP who claims immigrants are better than you and me? If that's the case let them pay for the Advisory quango.

Stop all funding to fancy lobbying groups who misuse charitable status, Don Shenker of Alcohol Concern your days of living off of my taxes are numbered.

Repeal the smoking ban.

Lower duties on booze/fags to 1997 levels for ten years and smile as the nations health nazi Liam Donaldson dies of a heart attack from shock. Also reduce business rates across the board, let the local authorities cut the number of bean counters and eco tree huggers to make up the shortfall.

Pull out of the EU and then start undoing every pain in the arse Eu bit of 'elf an safety. One big fucking bonfire come bonfire night folks.

Scrap the license fee and let the BBC stand or fall on its own abilities, time they were weaned off the taxpayers teat.

Put doctors back in charge of the health service, rather than bean counters and political appointee's who see it as another stepping stone on the gravy train.

No government spending on telly adverts, not a fucking copper coin. No more shit about the dangers of salt, booze, fags or global warming. No ads telling us that we need to watch out for bikers, take care an drive slowly or anything else. How the fuck will we survive, perfectly well I think! We are all grown up now and do not need the state to take the place of our mother.

A vast cut of public services, oh yes. Not so much an axe as a fucking chain saw. Councils will have to get back to the basics and leave the twinning missions with Mogadishu alone, fuck off out of global warming and fucking off the residents with anti smoking signs every fucking where. Freeze the council tax and slash bean counters to pay for it. Trust me it will work, unlike many in the town halls to whom work is an alien word and who's snores can be heard as they return from yet another 3 hour lunch break.

Use SOCA powers on each and every fucking MP for the last 40 years, go through his accounts and jail every grafting one who has ever lied on a claim. If private companies can have employee's who steal arrested and up before the justices in double quick time, why should it be any different for scum like Paul Flynn?

Oh and prison time to be served in full, removal of the piss poor human rights act used by grafters to get themselves some cash and remove the ASBO's. A glory badge for the underclass that serves no real purpose what so ever.

No more taxes, not a one. In fact we cut half the sodding taxes imposed as they are nothing more than a nightmare to collect and keep on cutting putting money back into the economy and making this land a place where business wants to come to trade.

Then we change the attitude towards the evil motor car, a freeze on petrol prices and put the duties paid by the motorist into sorting out bastard pot holes. Scrap the tons of meaningless signs and endless lines, zig zags, cameras and assorted shit clogging up our road system. Seriously it can be done, travel around Europe if you don't believe me, even Italy gets along fine without billions of signs on every corner. Oh and no more clamping of wheels and extorting vast sums from people who park in the wrong place, its not a crime for fucks sake.

Benefits, got a few things to say on this one.

First off if you can't read or write, fuck you. Learn and not a penny until you do so. After all how the fuck can they get even the most menial job without those skills? Not paid in fuck you, piss off back home to your own land/pikey caravan park. Oh and if you live in Merthyr Tydfil, drive a taxi and claim to have a stick and a limp and not worked for the last ten years, then fuck you you grafting taff cunt. 
Oh and see firing out babies of every colour as lifestyle choice, well nope not if I had my way. Okay pay for ones already there, but phase it in and let the ladies know that no income means we pay for the 1st one an that is it. Fire em out all you like, but why the fuck should I pay for your lifestyle choice?
In an out of prison in between claiming giro's, well if I had my way I would bring in a 3 strikes for criminals an after strike number 3 its no benefits for Mr Criminal gangsta, not a copper coin for the rest of their life. 
Seriously fuck you, you scrounging cunts for giving those thrown on the scrap heap, those who have seen their lives decimated by this shit government a bad name.

Finally lets get something sorted with regards our schools that fail so many children, who despite years of schooling still leave the state education system unable to handle to basics of maths and reading.

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Dick Puddlecote said...

Amen, brother. :-)

Fidothedog said...

Not finished that list yet, just had to take some time out for sake of my blood pressure. :-(

Oldrightie said...

Bit rightie. After my own heart!

Captain Ranty said...

Yup. I'm in too.


wv=wakies. If only...

Corrugated Soundbite said...

You absolutely spanked that nail right on the noggin, Fido.