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50 criminal inquiries nationwide as Labour attempt to rig election.

Desperate to cling to power New Labour are organising there scum to rig postal votes and swing the election.

Voter fraud could determine the outcome of the general election as evidence emerges of massive postal vote rigging.

Police have launched 50 criminal inquiries nationwide amid widespread cases of electoral rolls being packed with ‘bogus’ voters.

Officials report a flood of postal vote applications in marginal seats. With the outcome of the closest election in a generation hanging in the balance, a few thousand ‘stolen’ votes there could determine who wins the keys to Downing Street.

Yesterday the Mail visited one four-bedroom flat in the area where 18 men are apparently claiming a vote, all of whom registered within the past month.

The students living there were baffled by many of the names said to be residing with them. Another resident was surprised to learn that eight complete strangers were also registered as living in the small flat she shares with her partner.

Other addresses investigated by the Mail were linked to the Labour Party.

At a property in Rainhill Way, Bethnal Green, where Labour Party council election candidate Khales Uddin Ahmed lives with his family, seven adults have suddenly joined the electoral roll.

The Mail’s Richard Kay has learned that for the first time ever the Commonwealth is dispatching a group of election monitors – more used to supervising banana republics – to scrutinise the results on Thursday.

You could not make it up, I joke about Zimbabwe coming to oversee our elections and it turns out that 3rd world nations are in fact doing exactly that; this is what over 12 years of New Labour communist policies has reduced the UK to....

2 people have spoken:

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

He's going to declare a state of emergency and take powers to shunt us off somewhere cold and dark! There is too much fannying around with our freedom of movement at the moment. Get the Molotovs ready, I'm, sure that is one of the reasons we've been given shit plastic packaging for drinks and beverages.

Fidothedog said...

Come the revolution, I want to be the one hauling him corpse up to hang from a lamp post.