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HIPS(Home information packs) - Another Labour scum tax to be axed.

Slowly the new government remove the worst of the excesses of the scum sucking champagne socialist pigs taxes.

Labour planned to use home information packs to push up council tax bills, the Tories revealed yesterday.
Gordon Brown's ministers meant to collect details from the packs and add them to the state database used for calculating the tax, previously secret documents reveal.
The disclosure of the link came as the Government prepared moves likely to spell the end of Hips.
The packs were introduced in 2007 in the name of helping homebuyers.
However, most of the information they were supposed to contain, such as the structural quality of the house, was stripped out in the arguments that surrounded their launch.
Now the most useful facts describe the energy rating of a home, and many sellers resent having to pay about £300 for an inspection and pack.
Papers released by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles show ministers intended to use the information to complete a database on 22million homes held by the Valuation Office Agency.
It updates the council tax banding of properties and has been preparing for a revaluation of homes in England that would generate bigger council tax bills for anyone whose home has risen in value over the past 20 years.
The unpublished paper prepared by the VOA was headed: 'Council tax revaluation - procurement of domestic dwelling data.'

First ID cards, now the stealth taxes, lets hope that the quango's and fake charities feel the axe next.

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