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Labour waste £850 million on pens and paper.

PENS and paper for public servants are costing taxpayers £850million a year.

Astonishing figures released yesterday underline how billions are squandered by Labour.
The Conservatives – who vow to save £6billion in spending if they win Thursday’s election – say the office ­supplies bill alone could be cut by £238million a year.

Even the Government quango which is supposed to ensure value for money in Whitehall procurement is paying over the odds for a standard 500-sheet ream of A4 photocopier paper, point out the Tories.

And a confusing array of framework deals mean departments barely flex their purchasing power muscle to get value for money.

If savings to the paper bill were applied to the whole office services budget, the Conservatives say the total £2.4billion bill could be slashed by £672million a year – the equivalent of hiring 25,000 more police officers, or cutting 9p duty off every pint of beer and cider sold in Britain.

Tory Cabinet Office spokesman Francis Maude said: “Labour ministers can’t even run an office, let alone a country.”

Government potentially has huge purchasing power, but only half of Whitehall spending last year was done through joint and bulk buying.

The Tories calculate that moving to a single contract could save 28 per cent on the average departmental spend.

Labour, the useless fuckers could not organise a piss up in a brewery. 

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