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New Age Puritans beaten(for now) over 'test tube drinks'

The Portman Group said alcohol could still be sold in the test tube format after it received a complaint from Alcohol Focus Scotland.*

AFS said four brands of the drinks - Quivers, Shot in a Tube, Shoeyz Shots and Shootaz – promoted heavy drinking.

However, the Portman Group said because the drinks came in such small sizes they were not considered dangerous.

Each of the four test tube brands under scrutiny contains 20ml of liquid and less than 0.3 units of alcohol.

A normal shot of 40 per cent strength vodka contains 25ml of liquid and one unit of alcohol.
David Poley, chief executive of the Portman Group, said research commissioned by the group found that although most consumers swallowed the drink “down in one” it was acceptable because of their small size.

“The independent complaints panel was persuaded that this style of packaging was not causing harmful drinking,” he said.

*This round to common sense and letting people live their lives as they choose, but the puritans will be back. The days of them singing hymns and preaching on the evils of the demon drink are gone, now they are far more insidious and evil.

They pass themselves off as charities, when in fact all they are is lobby groups whispering evil in the ears of reporters and politicians, whilst taking cash from the government in order to do their evil work. Ever wondered where all the stories on "Booze Britain" come from, yep its Don and his vile cronies.

Naturally one of the righteous, the thin lipped puritan employed at your expense by fake charity and lobby group Alcohol Concern was not pleased at people being allowed choice. 

And so over to Don Shenker(the odd looking chap in the photo at the top), chief executive from fake charity and tax payer funded lobby group Alcohol Concern, who said anything encouraging binge drinking should be curbed, regardless of size.

Should be curbed is it Don, well how about being honest on your prohibitionist views Don, how about giving people the choice. Here is an idea, stand for public office Don on your raise taxes I know better than you platform and get voted into power. 

Then and only then do you with a mandate from the people have the right to destroy the pub trade and dictate what we can do.

“This is clearly an example of where the code breaks down. In our view these test tube products clearly condone youth culture binge drinking and the Portman Group has failed to take action on it.

“That is very worrying.”

Oh fuck off Don, the sooner this government cuts your funding off and gives the cash to a real charity that actually helps people in need, not some 3rd sector quango out to raise taxes and linked to religious puritans the better. 

2 people have spoken:

banned said...

The relationship between "Alcohol Focus Scotland" and "Alcohol Concern Scotland" is what precisely?

You may remember that we, and others, famously gained a minor victory against the latter by slaughtering one of their online polls about a year ago.

Fidothedog said...

As for their relationship, they are both quango's and both use quotes and issue very similar press releases.

Both have ties to extreme Christian groups who want all booze banned, along with anything else us people enjoy.