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No apology from New Labour scum for fucking the economy.

Whats the odds the fuckers will try to blame everyone else except themselves?
Families are being crippled by the highest cost of living for nearly two decades, disturbing figures showed yesterday.

The retail prices index measure of inflation soared from 4.4 per cent in March to 5.3 per cent in April, the highest level since 1991, according to the Office for National Statistics.

In a cruel blow, it means that Britain's workers have been stung by the worst 'pay cut' since records began.
The gap between the average pay rise - a measly 1.9 per cent - and inflation - a massive 5.3 per cent - has never been bigger, according to the ONS.

For millions of workers in the private sector, the situation is even bleaker because their salaries have been frozen since the recession began.

Thanks Labour, millions out of work, record debts, inflation, more cuts to be made. Thanks a fucking bunch you utter fucking cunts. 

3 people have spoken:

banned said...

Has-been cunts indeed, happily I'm in a position to be able to work a bit more to make up for inflation, if needs be, not so lucky for those on a fixed income but a third of the electorate still voted fore the fuckers.

Fidothedog said...

Indeed stupidity knows no bounds, they vote for the very people who make them worse off.

John A Thomson said...

Scottish Labour is already blaming everyone else up here in the Scottish Parliament. Unbelievable how they were only out of power days before their lies started to flow in the blame game.