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Prime Minister was like the slops at the end of a beer barrel

Now I am no fan of JD Wetherspoon, the cheap drink supplier to the social underclass or of their odd hairstyle wearing boss Tim Martin; but credit where it is due he has the shifty mono eyed fucker Gordon Brown nailed with this.

Wetherspoon founder Tim Martin has called for the British public to kick Gordon Brown out of office.
Martin told The Sun the Prime Minister was like the slops at the end of a beer barrel and said David Cameron was the man to take the country forward.
"It's time for a change. The first priority of government is to be economically competent and understand money. Just as it is for businesses and people running households.
"Brown and his guys don't understand money. They have made a horrendous mess of the economy for which we will all have to pay for years.
"He has treated the public like fools and tried to make huge amounts of money through stealth taxes."
He added: "If Brown gets in, it really would be time to find a sunnier climate. If he was a pint he'd be the ullage, the slops.
"The stuff you find at the bottom of the barrel and send back to the brewery."

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BRICKBAT said...

Says it all really, dregs and a full ashtray and a sticky carpet house of commons?
Cheers paul m8
tops as always