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VIRGIN MEDIA/SKY - Grow up the pair of you.

The recent spat between the Virgin Media company and Sky over payments for their channels has now hit customers.

Sky claim one thing, Virgin another. This sulk on their part has been going on for some time. We have adverts from Sky saying that they value customers and how easy it is to switch to them, whilst Virgin have put up childish remarks where Sky1, Sky News and so on were.

After all that is really going to help, accuse the other side of sulking. Just what have you as a company been doing over the last few months?

If either of these companies valued their customers in any damn way they would have sat down and sorted something out ages back, rather than piss off customers and try to score petty points off of each other.

As a Virgin Media customer I am not that bothered by losing Sky 1, Sky 2 and Sky News(The loss of a certain smug Irish prick, that is a Mr Eamonn Holmes grinning and smirking like an Irish version of Tony Blair, is actually as blessed relief) Oh who can forget the way that prick hid behind his female co-presenter.

Anyway enough of him, back to the former NTL/Sky spat. Pair of them need to realise that should they carry on customers will leave.



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