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From the News of the World: http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/3012_bent_lawyer.shtml

One bent solicitor, a regular at the High Court and a member of prestigious Lincoln's Inn, even supplied a FAKE PASSPORT to an investigator he believed to be a fugitive Islamic terror boss.

This vital document would allow its holder to pass in and out of the country unchallenged.

Crooked advocate MOHAMMED KUTUB UDDIN handed the bogus ID to our undercover man in an east London Burger King on the day Benazir Bhutto was assassinated by a suicide bomber in Pakistan.

Incredibly traitor Uddin then suggested we join together in a scam to DEFRAUD High Street banks out of £30,000 a time to fund yet more terrorist atrocities. He is one of FIVE dodgy Muslim solicitors we unearthed in a three-month investigation into treachery hiding deep inside the UK's legal establishment.

We found Uddin working among a group of unsuspecting and honest lawyers at the Syed Shaheen firm in London's East End. We called there seeking immigration advice. But after a consultation with one innocent solicitor, our investigator was followed out of the building by Uddin.

He approached our man in the street and said: "Brother, I understand your problem. You are completely illegal in this country but I can help you. If you have money to pay I can arrange everything for you. I have helped lots of brothers."

He then asked us to meet him next day at the nearby Burger King. There Uddin settled into his seat and declared: "I can give my last drop of blood for Islam. Jihad (holy war) is the sixth pillar of Islam. They (non-muslims) ruled us for 200 years. They made this country by sucking the blood of the Muslims. Now I want to help my people!"

**Remind me again about this being the religion of peace and how it is only a "tiny minority" who are out to kill us all.

Uddin was told our man needed a new identity to help him come and go from Britain because he was on the run from Scotland Yard, having been arrested after 9/11 for funding terrorists.

Instead of doing his duty as an officer of the court and calling the police, Uddin embraced our man and said: "Praise be to Allah!"

He then bragged about his status: "I am a member of Lincoln's Inn, training for the bar. I want to be a barrister to help my people. I will be representing only Muslim brothers in court."

**So there you have it, a moslem who will only be offering representation to other members of the Umma. The media would be in uproar if a white lawyer said that he was only going to represent Christians or white folks.

Our man told Uddin that he needed a new passport to get in and out of Pakistan because he was known as a terrorist and could be arrested.

Uddin, who got his law qualifications in Bangladesh, replied: "God willing, I will help you. I will do it for you. You are my brother in Islam. I can make a proper, original Bangladeshi passport for you."

He demanded £700 in cash and two photographs, adding: "Normally it's £600 and takes eight weeks. But I have to do this urgent."

Uddin carefully counted the notes twice before shoving them in his pocket and promising to deliver the document within four weeks.

He then offered another DE LUXE passport service which incredibly would allow our "terrorist on the run" to bypass the British immigration and asylum systems and stay here unchallenged for ever.

Uddin revealed how the scam works—using old passports from Bangladeshis who came to Britain years ago as children.

"They have indefinite stay here," said Uddin. "From a childhood picture nobody can recognise anyone. We will get a replacement issued using your picture. You have to change your name to the name of the child. We will then apply to the Home Office to have their records updated and then you will be legal here. We have done lots of cases like this. It will cost you £6,000 total...but we will do everything for you."

On Thursday Uddin kept his word and delivered the goods, just as news broke of Benazir Bhutto's murder. Back in Burger King he handed over the Bangladeshi passport—numbered B0593740, issued in Chittagong. It bore our man's photograph but carried a false name, Mohammed Mohiuddin.

Uddin reassured us: "Anyone stops you here now and you have a genuine new identity. The Home Office can't touch you."

He then closed his eyes and began loudly chanting verses from the Koran in a trance-like state—to the bemusement of other diners. Uddin told us: "I am memorising the Koran. I teach it to students."

He then came up with a plan to rip off banks in order to fund terrorism.

He said: "I know some people in Lloyds TSB. I can open you a bank account. It will cost you £600. First you run it nicely then after six months you take out a loan for £30,000 and just go!"

Grinning broadly, he urged: "Send the money to help our brothers!"
**And why not, after all they are only tools of the infidel.

And he's not alone in his willingness to bend rules designed to protect Britain from terrorists. Solicitor DR ABUL ASHRAF UDDIN is about to open flash new offices in Bethnal Green for his firm London Law Chambers. Meanwhile he meets clients at his East End home.

Our reporter told Dr Uddin that he was on the run. He said he had been in Britain one year after being smuggled in by truck. The solicitor did not quiz WHY our man was wanted. He merely asked: "Have you been caught? Were you photographed?"

When told that our man's photo and fingerprints were not on file Dr Uddin said: "In that case there is a way for you to stay here.

"You will have to make some papers— tenancy agreement, payslips etc—to show that you have been here for 14 years. I'll tell you exactly what to do.

"But it will cost you a lot of money ...£10,000 minimum."

Asked if the brief would supply all the fake documents, he replied with a huge grin: "That's why you are paying!"

The doors to Britain are also open to illegal immigrants, and potential terrorists, seeking help from brief SAEED KHAN who runs Thames Chambers Solicitors in nearby Whitechapel High Street.

Our reporter called in and told advocate SAJJAD HUSSAIN he had been in Britain only a few days but had no papers. Hussain replied: "We'll make papers for you." And boss Khan chipped in: "We'll try and find a way for you to stay here."

Hussain then asked: "Have you got any friends who will say they have known you here for 10, 12 years? We'll write it, they just have to sign it. We charge £2,000."

A similar service is available in Walthamstow where crooked brief WAHEED UR-REHMAN MIAN offers illegals ways to remain.

Our man told him he had been in Britain illegally for four years and wanted to stay. After pocketing a £65 fee he advised that the best bet was to lie to the Home Office and again claim to have been here 14 years.

"We will have to do quite a lot of work," said Mian. "If you say 14 years that will be best. Lots of documents will be made.

"It will cost up to £5,000 including our charges and Home Office fees."

Yesterday our man revealed his true identity to shocked passport forger Kutub Uddin in London. Uddin said: "I am very sorry for what I did. I will never do it again."

But Dr Abul Uddin insisted: "It was not my intention to commit fraud. I was only giving you options."

**This is what happens when you have a socialist government that has run an open door policy to all of the planets lowlifes, the lawyers have taken advantage of the gullible left wingers who think that any Abdul, Mohammed and Sandu is more deserving to be here in the UK than the racist native populations.

One of the moonbats who thinks this is Keith Best, who I covered before: keith best is an overpaid cunt with a history of dubious sharedeals.

I described Mr Best, head of the "Immigration advisory service" that sucks 13 million quid a year from the UK taxpayer as a cunt. Ok, not just a normal cunt, but I described him in these terms:

Keith Best is a cunt. Not your normal run of the mill cunt, but a cunt of staggering preportions, even by the standards of cunts they look at him and think that he is a cunts cunt. A fat gin swilling cunt of the first order.

Keith stated that:

"we are now turning immigrants into better citizens than people born with a British passport"
I am sure that the high quality citizens exposed by the News of the World will be happy at Keith Best's glowing comment. They will be allowed in by sleazy lawyers, able to claim benefits and wage jihad against the infidel from our shores. Oh and be represented in court by a lawyer that only works for the Umma.

**Oh and the liberal lunacy here in the UK, has even bred a whole generation of people who do nothing except bleat on about how evil the UK is, how racist we all are and even distort our history. Seriously they get paid to feed the leftist twats in power more shit.

One prime example of that is Trevor Phillips, who thinks we should thank the Turks for our nations victory over Spain: Trevor Phillips revises UK history.

The same dickheads who say nothing of moslem slavery in Africa, yet bleat on and on and fucking on about our history and part in the slave trade.

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