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Alistair Darling - Lying duplicitous scumbag. X factor tax not removed.

God I hate this badger haired cuntwaft. Get this fucking crock of shit from him:
Chancellor Alistair Darling announced today that the Government will waive VAT on the sale of the X Factor finalists' charity single Hero.
Sounds all nice right? Well no check this out below..
An exceptional one-off charitable donation will be made, equivalent to the sum of the VAT receipts collected on its sales.
You see that he is not - repeat fucking not - waiving VAT at all the fucking cunt has instead put public money in to a charity donation and the VAT will be collected as per normal. 
The cunt just hopes that the plebs an proles out there will not notice his latest cuntfuckery.

Since the VAT is under the control of the EU he can not remove it, sorry powers signed away an all that. Since he can not withhold EU funds he instead takes our money and passes that off as a PR exercise. 

At least he learned something in basic accountancy fraud classes.

Sorry badger but this particular pleb has noticed your little fucking scam, at least the charities get some money - all well and good not complaining about that in any way - but I am not happy at this shifty little odd eyebrow/hair colour clash fuckstain trying to muddle the facts.

You watch this fucking cunt and the mono eye'd cunt next door in No.10 attempt to milk this for lots of nice Labour votes and free PR.

Gordon Brown a man who makes me so angry I could punch his lights out

The Welsh Arsembly: Funding a film about Bobby Sands.

MONEY given by the Welsh Assembly Government to help make a controversial film about IRA terrorist Bobby Sands has been labelled a disgrace.

Hunger, which has just been nominated in various categories of the British Independent Film Awards, attracted £120,000 funding from the Wales Creative IP Fund.

Producers had to use the Assembly money in Wales and company Dragon DI, of Pencoed near Bridgend, were contracted to work on the colouring and look of the film in post production studios.

Hunger, put on general release yesterday. is directed by Turner Prize winner Steve McQueen and brings to life a slice of Northern Ireland's troubles by focusing on Bobby Sands' bid to starve himself to death 27 years ago.

But the fact taxpayers’ money was used to help put the film together has been criticised.

Tory MP David Davies said Welsh Assembly Government financing of the film was “disgraceful” and totally unnecessary.

“First of all I think it’s wrong this company was given money for this film when it's needed elsewhere much more,” he said.

“Why not give it to companies involved in providing transport, or to companies making washing machines?

“Giving taxpayers’ money to a company which helps to make films is not a good enough reason in my view – how does this entitle them to get a six-figure sum?

“I used to run a small transport business in Newport – I wasn’t given any money. We had to go out there and earn the money.

“It’s a disgrace a film which is sympathetic to an IRA terrorist is given Welsh Assembly backing.

“Anyone who served in the armed forces will be disgusted.

“I don’t give a damn how many awards it’s won or has been listed for – it’s just another piece of IRA propaganda.”

The Royal British Legion said they would not comment on the issue, beyond stating the organisation backed freedom of expression and would not condemn creative works.

Finance Wales manages the budget for projects on behalf of the Welsh Assembly Government.

Since the Wales Creative IP Fund was launched in May 2005, it has invested more than £7m in 11 films, seven television productions and a new media project, including £120,000 in Hunger.

The film has won the prestigious Camera D’Or prize at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival and the Diesel Discovery Award at the 34th Toronto Film Festival.

A spokesman for the Wales Creative IP Fund said: “We can confirm that the IP Fund has invested £120,000 in Hunger.“To date we have not received any complaints about this investment.

“The IP Fund, which is managed by Finance Wales on behalf of the Welsh Assembly Government, provides commercial investment in Wales’ creative industries.

“The Fund aims to achieve a return on its investments and increase production activity in Wales.“All investments are made on a commercial basis and producers must secure a minimum of 60 per cent of their budget from other investors and also demonstrate that a proportion of the production’s budget, equal or greater than the fund’s investment will be spent in Wales.

“The producers of Hunger have used a Welsh company for post production of the film.”

**Sod the homeless and the many urgent needs for redevelopment in Wales, lets spunk some taxpayers money into a film about Irish terrorists.

Not that I am worried as the film has a happy ending, at least they did not have a large catering budget for the movie.

 I shall quote former PM Mrs Thatcher who said of terrorist Sands:
"Mr. Sands was a convicted criminal. He chose to take his own life. It was a choice that his organisation did not allow to many of its victims"
An so I shall finish with the old Bobby Sands jokes: 

What is Bobby Sands telephone number? Nuneaton! 8080.

What is Bobby Sands' idea of a underground subway? A straw.

What has a plank of wood and a Bobby Sands got in common? They both are thin and cannot move.

What does a Mcdonald's Sands special consist of? Nothing!

Why did the Bobby Sands cross the road? To burn off more calories!


BBC Bashing time: The BBC Are Passed Their Sell By Date.


1984 & MP's

 All MPs have been accounted for. 646 copies of 1984 will arrive at the Commons on November 5, one to be delivered to each MPs office.

This campaign has been organised by LPUK, because our MPs need to understand that they are our rights and we won’t let them be taken away with a fight.

Our MP's in the main are cunts, cunts we pay for throught the damn nose and cunts who when elected to office take the fucking piss and attempt to do away with our rights.


Paul Flynn Mockery/Jessica Morden joke....

Oh and we have a winner. The liar and libel case losing MP Paul Flynn.
Oh and sorry missed the bit about his advanced age and coffin dodging. Well our doddery old MP on his webshyte has been talking about the chartists.

Despite all his fluff he says nothing and I mean nothing, not a fucking word the lying cunt about the piss poor state of the Westgate Hotel today. The way it was left to rot under 30 years of Newport "communist" New Labour rule.

I have posted on this cunt of an MP's an the socialists attitude to the Westgate before:http://newportcity.blogspot.com/2008/09/wisdom-of-comrade-paul-flynn-mp_21.html
I quote the proven libel case loser:
The public will have the chance to see the re-enactment that he staged “all guns blazing” at Newport’s Westgate Hotel
in 1989.   150 years earlier in 1839, more than twenty supporters of the People’s Charter died in this bloody confrontation between Chartist protesters and the army.   As well as the right to vote, the Chartists stood for free speech, opposing Government censorship and the imprisonment of their leaders charged with making ‘seditious’ speeches.
An so says an MP in favour of ID cards, the nanny state and top down management. An MP in favour of censorship of the masses, the very type the Chartists would have tried to lynch. Oh plus he loves Fidel and North Korea. A real democrat...
Our coffin dodger also adds this:
Also showing will be the newly made film 'Riot of a Time?'   It's about Sylvia Taylor's ancestor Wright Beatty, a Newport Chartist who was one of the crowd fired on by the soldiers at the Westgate Hotel in 1839.   Accused of firing a gun at the window where the Mayor was standing with the soldiers, he was sentenced to three year’s hard labour.
Can one really see the liar Flynn supporting Chartists these days? Dont make me laugh Flynn would sell them out for a safe seat and some support in the commons. Far better to talk about events over a hundred years ago Mr Flynn whilst leaving the Westgate to rot as it did for 30 years under the socialists of Newport Council.
Roll on the by election I say. Far more likely he dies than the virile and youthfull McCain!
I so lonely....
Is there a cockroach living inside Mr Flynn?...
Mr Flynn has a wet dream(below)....
His promo poster....
Mockery of a gobshyte piss poor MP. 

Hat tip to Reverse for the pics...

**Update I have heard that the other Newport MP, one Jessica "Call me Jess." Morden. The MP who was in charge of the purge of comrade Ron "Badger" Davies, who then was selected from an all women shortlist to stand as payment for dealing with comrade Ron. Her who I believe worships the Roman 2 faced god Janus as she supports keeping her local post office open and yet votes with the government to close post offices. A woman who could also be refered to as a rubber stamp as she has never, not once voted against her party.

Anyway I hear she has had a baby. Her 2nd I believe since taking office in 2005.

So I guess that popping something in your MP's dispatch box really does produce results.

More sucess for Brown: House prices dive again.

(Hat tip to reverse for this one. It made me giggle.)
Did I say sucess?My mistake I meant of course failure, the only thing the one eye'd leader is good at.

House prices are plunging at the fastest rate since records began in 1952, a shocking report into the crumbling property market revealed today.

In just 12 months, the price of the average home has collapsed by around £27,000, a record drop of 14.6 per cent since last October.

The report, from the Nationwide, the building society, said it is the biggest, quickest and most dramatic fall that it has ever witnessed.

In a further blow to homeowners, economists warn Britain may be less than halfway through the biggest price plunge in history.

Gordon Brown a man who makes me so angry I could punch his lights out
Gordon give home repossessions(and anal sex) the thumbs up!

Jonathan Ross & Russel Brand are wankers: Post 4.

Well its all fun in telly champagne socialist land (known to us as the BBC), a total clusterfuck could be a good way to describe it. El Beeb had over 30,000 complaints and used the piss poor excuse of it being a prank as well claiming that only 2 people complained at the time. 

Some woman gets the sack and Brand has resigned, still a cunt but slightly less of one for doing so. Personally Andrew Sachs has handled the whole thing in a very dignified way, which has made this pair and the Beeboids in BBC management defending them look even bigger cunts than they otherwise would have had Mr Sachs kicked off and demanded testicles on the chopping block.

Ross, on the other hand has proven all my original thoughts of him as a money loving grasping coward. No doubt he will after a short "period of pennance" attempt to do the reformed celeb routine via various magazine articles and such like. However I for one hope that Ross's career takes a fucking dive the cowardly little cunt. 

Still at least the cunt is off air for a whole three months and hopefully will have the dignity to shut the fuck up for the whole of that time, however I doubt that very much.

Needless to say I look forward to slating this little cunt whenever he sticks his fucking head up ready to shot at.

**Oh and Ross may be ready to offer support to McBottler our unelected PM, however McBottler sensing the wind change came out to condemn Ross. I wonder if Ross is still going to be popping over to No.10 for nibbles and drinkies and make a big thing of offering him his vote come election day?...

Previous posts...

Russel Brand/Jonathan Ross - A pair of wankers (post 3) - James Gordon "cyclops" Brown has his eye on them...

Gordon Brown's words:
"My undivided attention is on taking this country through the difficult times as a result of a global problem that started in America."
Ok, got that. His mono gaze is focused in a mono eagle like gaze on that problem alone. His every waking moment will be spent working on ways to tackle this. Could not be clearer right?

Well no. 

Gordon Brown's actions:
"The prime minister, Gordon Brown, has become involved in the row over the Andrew Sachs prank calls, condemning Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross's broadcast on Radio 2 as "clearly inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour"."
So much for the undivided attention. Hat tip to The Appalling Strangeness

**Update Jonathan Ross suspended by BBC and Brand resigned. Oh and they are still both fuckwits.

A little tune on the license tax.

A parody with more than a grain of truth in it:

Also check this site out as it raised a smile: http://bbcpioneers.blogspot.com/

The Song of the Pioneers

The people’s flag is brightest red - it helps us earn our daily bread
Though skinflints mock and Tories jeer - the licence fee’s not really dear
The licence fee! The licence fee!
It pays the bills for you and me!
From single mums in Bethnal Green - for expense accounts and limousines
If they don’t pay the licence fee - it’s jail and chuck away the key
For posh school fees and winter sports - we need to add a few more naughts
Our pensions are inflation free - all paid for by the licence fee
The licence fee! The licence fee!
Don’t take away our licence fee!
A hundred and thirty odd quid a year - will keep the red flag flying here!
Some BBC bashing....


Terry Kelly - Hates the royals.

Its been a while since I covered the mental cabbage that is Councillor Terry Kelly, still let his own words speak forth his bile and hatred of the royals.

A COUNCILLOR who said the Queen is a "sectarian racist" is facing disciplinary action from his party.
Labour councillor Terry Kelly, a former election agent for Wendy Alexander, launched a tirade against the Queen and the monarchy. The Renfrewshire Council member used his blog to unleash a barrage of vituperative comments which his own party has condemned as unacceptable.
In Kelly's online rant he also:

Claimed that Britain would be better off if the Royal Family met the same fate as Tsar Nicholas II of Russia;

Described the Royals as a "parasitical bunch of braying half wits";
Claimed that Princess Anne looked like a "bulldog chewing a wasp";

• Lampooned Prince Harry and Prince William as "the Chuckle Brothers".

The veteran left-winger penned an article titled 'The Queen was in her Counting House Counting out her Money', which states: "I know it sounds churlish, with them being such nice folk and role models, but how many hospitals, schools, etc could we build if we did what the Bolsheviks did all those years ago?"
He then ridicules each member of the Royal Family in turn: "There's Madge (the Queen], the glove puppet, Big Phil (the Duke of Edinburgh], expert at shaking hands and insulting minorities, Charles, Andrew and Edward, the brains trust, and Anne, who looks and acts like a bulldog chewing a wasp.
"They are followed of course by the Chuckle Brothers 'Winco Willie and Hooray Henry', both of whom need to use both hands to find their own arses."

In response to criticism from a visitor to the site Kelly makes the bizarre statement: "If Prince Charles were to dump Camilla and marry a Muslim he would not succeed. In these circumstances the Queen should abdicate, not to do so would be to support racism.

"In fact she is supporting racism just now by not demanding change so, I'm afraid that your beloved monarch is a sectarian racist."

A Labour insider said it was very likely that Kelly would face the prospect of disciplinary action. He said: "Given the circumstances we will be looking to see what action can be taken."

Kelly insisted that his remarks were not meant to be taken seriously, stating: "I was joking. I am opposed to capital punishment violence. But I do want rid of the monarchy. It is an anachronism and an embarrassment."

A spokeswoman for Buckingham Palace declined to comment.

Socialism the politics of envy and hate, still here is a film made about this vile little commie.


There's nothing I can do to save jobs, admits Brown, as he backs debt spree to beat recession.

Yes there is Gordon, fuck off.

There is your answer. In two little words. 

In fact I liked saying it I shall again: "Fuck Off: James Gordon Brown"

You were warned many many times over the last 11 years that the economy was over extended on credit, you were warned on PFI and so on and so fucking forth. Yet you did fuck all except create ministries of cunting paper clips, quangos, pissing squillions away on aid to despots in third world toilets and burying your head like some cyclopedic one eye'd ostrich.

An then just watch as millions of small businesses, the banks, corporations, investors from abroad and in fact anyone who does business in any form in the UK, thinks "Thank fuck for that." and we slowly start to recover.

Gordon Brown a man who makes me so angry I could punch his lights out

Jonathan Ross & Russell Brand are wankers: Post 2.

Previous post on this worthless pair of fuckwits:  http://newportcity.blogspot.com/2008/10/russell-brand-and-jonathan-ross-wankers.html

From todays Daily Mail:  The BBC has received more than 10,000 complaints from irate viewers after Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand made offensive phone calls to Fawlty Towers actor Andrew Sachs.
The sheer volume of complaints puts the BBC in a difficult position regarding the future of two of it's most popular presenters.

The corporation said many of those complaining focused on the pair's taxpayer-funded salaries. Ross is paid £6million a year for radio and television work, while Brand receives more than £200,000.

Yep we pay for these people to throw abuse at a classic star down the phone. The Mail also go's on to state that Ofcom may charge the BBC upto £250K. Thats £250K that we as license fee payers will end up paying, the fine should be against the pair of these wankers not the BBC.

However the BBC should do a round of sackings, starting with Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand who are both a pair of useless cunts.

The  mail story is here

**Hat tip to reverse for the pic.

**Update, I just Googled a search on Jonathan Ross is a cunt and I am No.3...

And so it shall go on and on until they quit or get fired....


Trevor Phillips - Positive discrimination for whitey.

Oh for fucks sake will they ever give up on this positive discrimination shit.

Trevor sayeth:
 WHITE workers should benefit from "positive discrimination" to help them fend off competition from better-skilled immigrants, equalities chief Trevor Phillips urged today.
His startling intervention was seen as a rebuke to Equality Minister Harriet Harman, who earlier this year trumpeted plans to make companies discriminate in favour of women and ethnic minorities.

I sayeth:

Look Trevor, its fucking simple. In fact so simple that even a cunt like you will understand it. Positive discrimination in any form is a crock of steaming shit. Reserve a job for Mr/Mrs Migrant and you piss off the locals, reserve a job for a (and I quote your own words here) white worker and you piss off the migrants as well as black workers.
Same go's for reserving jobs for anyone. 
Lastly Harriet Harman is a pc loon who is so mentally fucked up that she would lose an arse kicking contest to Heather Mills (without her false leg)
Best man/woman for the job and things will run a lot better all around. 

Although would we really need an interfering race trader like one Trevor Phillips if that was the case?....

Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross: Wankers the pair of them.

Without going into all the details of this pair of tossers who thought that it would be highly amusing to leave rude messages on the answerphone of actor Andrew Sachs.

Mr Sachs who is best remembered for playing Manuel the Spanish waiter in Faulty Towers had calls left in which it was claimed that tosser 1: Russell Brand had in his words fucked his grand daughter.

That this went out on Mr Brands radio show is almost beyond belief. That nobody higher up thought that abusive calls are in fact against the law again almost beggars belief.

Add to that that another tosser by the name of Jonathan Ross joined just made this worse. 

Unable to get an answer they then left further abusive messages after stating that they were going to apologise.

Now both of these tossers - is there a collective word for tossers? - are highly paid and highly paid from the BBC funds. A BBC that we here in the UK all pay for out of the extorted BBC licence tax.

Had the BBC an morality what so ever they would suspend the pair of these tossers immediately and then fire them for their behaviour.

But add 0nto this that Jonathan Ross also offered his support on air for our leader Gordon Brown, something that he is not supposed to do.

Still that surprises me not a jot as Ross has always struck me as a star stuck lovie in love with media attention from politicos, who loves the fact they need him for publicity and vice versa. 

What with his huge state funded salary I am sure that Ross like Gordon is not really able to feel the pain of the average worker hit by the recession.

Having listened to many of his so called quips, digs and snide remarks he strikes me as a nasty left wing version of the late Bernard Manning, a racist who is unable to fire off an honest racist joke but skirts it to get a cheap laugh. 

One for the Guardian readers to chuckle at, whilst getting all pious on racism from any other source.

As for Brand well the cunt can not even apologise without showing himself to be a snivelly whiney cuntfuck of the lowest order. He says here that he is sorry but bleats about how the Daily Mail supported Hitler in the 1930's. 

Well just shows he is a gutless cunt unable to stand up and admit his mistake, the cunt.
‘I like him [Gordon Brown]. If I could say where I’m going to vote, I’d vote for them. But I can’t say where I’m voting because I’m forbidden by my BBC contract.’ - Jonathan "cuntbubble" Ross.

Plot to kidnap Obama

From http://www.theospark.net/2008/10/plot-to-kidnap-obama-uncovered.html

Paul Flynn Mockery.

Commie Paul hates the farmers down on the local collective farm, even making a cheap crass remark about farmers suicides.

He also loves Fidel, having signed this EDM by cuntbubble MP Colin Burgon: link

That this House commends the achievements of Fidel Castro in securing first-class free healthcare and education provision for the people of Cuba despite the 44 year illegal US embargo of the Cuban economy; notes the great strides Cuba has taken during this period in many fields such as biotechnology and sport in both of which Cuba is a world leader; acknowledges the esteem in which Castro is held by the people and leaders of Africa, Asia and Latin America for leading the calls for emancipation of the world's poorest people from slavery, hunger and the denial of human rights such as the right to life, the right to shelter, the right to healthcare and basic medicines and the right to education; welcomes the EU statement that constructive engagement with Cuba at this time is the most responsible course of action; and calls upon the Government to respect Cuba's right to self-determination and resist the aggressive forces within the US Administration who are openly planning their own illegal transition in Cuba.

Nearly 90 worthless turds that shame the title of MP signed the above motion.

He has collapsed in the House of Commons so just a matter of time before the coffin calls.....
He was sued by Endowment Justice and had to issue an apology, I have the link but Mr Flynn has removed the page. Much in the same way Stalin removed people from Soviet history: from the mp's own site his apology, rather a page can not be found message.

He has made a few light remarks about McCains age(he was born 29 August 1936) and in his usual way made out that McCain is some sort of senile duffer at deaths door and in some way not quite with it, yet not mentioned his own health scares or the fact that he is in fact being older being born on 9th Feb. 1935. 

Today he mentions that in recent days he has "been to the funerals of three dear friends", well at his advanced age that happens, people drop off at what appears to be an ever increasing rate.

Were I cruel I could say "Newport is one heartbeat away from a possible by-election..."

Hat tip to Reverse for the pics.

Socialism (New Labour) mockery.

A Micky Mouse PM that no one voted for.
Enjoy the privilages whilst claiming to be socialists...
Three doctors are bragging about their country's medical achievements. The Israeli doctor starts by saying "medicine in my country is so advanced we can take a kidney out of one person, put it in another, and have him up and looking for work in six weeks". 

The German doctor says "that's nothing, in Germany, we can take a lung out of one person, put it in another, and have him looking for work in four weeks". 

Not to be out done the English doctor says, "we can take an arsehole out of Scotland, put him in 10 Downing Street, and have half the fucking country looking for work within 24 hours".
Gordon Brown a man who makes me so angry I could punch his lights out

Whiney cunt Phil Woolas hit by a pie.

Its Saturday night so time for something funny.
Immigration minister Phil Woolas gets hit with a pie.

Fucking ace! 

ASBO's -

A state catch all.

A NAKED would-be opera singer was among the bizarre list of people handed Asbos in Scotland last year. Other unusual orders:
• A man from Wales was banned from hospitals except in real emergencies after he faked drug overdoses to stay in hospital.
• A mother-of-two from Lincolnshire was banned from singing as her voice was so bad.
• A man from Rugby was banned from borrowing money from a friend.
• A Clackmannanshire man was banned from shouting at his television.
• An 18-year-old from Swindon was banned from playing football in the street.
• A Somerset man was banned from having a rooster.
• A country and western fan from Leeds who plagued neighbours by playing Dolly Parton songs around the clock was banned from playing music in her home.


- a 12-year-old with learning disabilities given an order;
- two brothers banned from meeting in public;
- a 17-year-old forbidden from using the front door of his home until the age of 21;
- a 13-year-old served an order banning him from using the word "grass" anywhere in England or Wales for six years; and 
- a 16-year-old banned from showing his tattoos, wearing a single golf glove, or wearing a balaclava in public, anywhere in the country.




Babi Badalov.

A potential for the Darwin Awards here.

An illegal migrant/asylum seeker from Cardiff called Babi Badalov was deported from the UK to Azerbaijan.

Whilst over here Babi had repeated mocked the leader of that nation President Ilham Aliyev, a rather strange chap with an ego problem. When he came to power President Ilham Aliyev took down statues of Lenin and replaced them with statues of himself.

He has produced artwork that mocks the leader of that nation who has a rather ego boosting habit of putting up statues to his vanity.

Sadly for Babi he did this before making sure that he was going to be allowed to stay here in the UK, still I am sure that the MNS the Azerbaijan version of the former KGB will no doubt sit down and have a cup of tea with him and a good laugh at his mocking the leader President Ilham Aliyev.

Then again maybe not.

I am actually rather glad that this chap has been deported as lets face facts here: 1 - Why should we grant asylum to someone who's so called "freedom of speech" landed himself in trouble with the authorities in Azerbaijan. 

2. He seems to believe that the UK state has a right/obligation to help those who get themselves into a fix in the first place. Sure free speech over here is a right and something that we took a long time to get, however if you live in a nation without that and raise your voice you can expect the authorities to take a dim view.

3. Thirdly we only have his side of this story, which we are expected to believe without question. People do lie, his accounts may be true but who knows.

4. Lastly it is rather satisfying to see that the Immigration Agency actually do throw people out when they find their cases wanting.

Battle of Balaclava this day in 1854.

Thankfully the Russians are not lying over the result of this battle, claiming that we had to cheat a victory. 

Which says a lot for the character of the Russians happy to leave historical facts alone and the lack of character of the French.

History revision - not just a New Labour problem.

Battle of Agincourt - The French not happy at losing.

The French can lie, sorry rework history.

Exactly 593 years after King Henry V's legendary victory, a revisionist conference will be held at the scene of the triumph.

Academics will suggest that the extent of the feat of arms was massively exaggerated, with claims that the English were hugely outnumbered a lie.

More controversially still, they will say that the foreign invaders used numerous underhand tactics against an honourable enemy.

Well this was the middle ages. Quite often troops were slaughtered on the losing side.

Henry ordered the slaughter of what was perhaps several thousand French prisoners, with only the most illustrious being spared. His fear was that they would rearm themselves with the weapons strewn upon the field, and the exhausted English (who had been fighting for about three hours) would be overwhelmed. This was certainly ruthless, but arguably justifiable given the situation of the battle; perhaps surprisingly, even the French chroniclers do not criticise him for this(although they do now....)

These included burning prisoners to death and setting 40 bloodthirsty royal bodyguards on to a single Gallic nobleman who had surrendered.

'There's been a distortion of the facts and this conference will attempt to set the record straight,' said Christophe Gilliot, a distinguished French historian who is director of the Medieval History Museum in Agincourt, where the conference will take place.

'We have historians arriving from all over France, and all will produce hard facts concerning the battle, rather than rumours and speculation.

Thats nice. Maybe they will claim that this loss was in fact a French victory.

'At the very least the English forces acted dishonourably. The middle ages were a very violent time, of course, but some might accuse the English of acting like what might now be called war criminals.'

It was on Friday October 25 1415 - St Crispin's Day - that a force led by Henry V engaged the French at Agincourt, a small village not far from Calais in northern France.

The English army, made up mainly of archers using longbows, massacred a vast force of noblemen in the most famous battle of the Hundred Years' War.

Poor planning on the part of the French.

Immortalised by William Shakespeare in his play Henry V, Agincourt has since become a byword for English heroism in the face of apparently insurmountable odds.

In fact, detailed bureaucratic records of French king Charles VI's army reveal that they were made up of 9000 travelling soldiers, perhaps with another 3000 locals from the Picardy region where the battle took place.

This compares to the total force of 12000 who travelled to France with Henry, although some 3000 were lost during the preceding siege of Harfleur, and through dysentery.

English chroniclers writing in the years following the battle have wrongly claimed that there were as many as 150,000 French, compared to 6000 odd English.

Mr Gilliot said notably horrific acts perpetuated by the English included placing prisoners in a barn and setting in on fire, with the permission of Henry V.

Boo hoo. Maybe they will revise the facts on how lots of Frenchmen fled the field that day as well: 

English and French accounts agreeing that a significant proportion of the French army fled after seeing so many French nobles killed and captured in the fighting.

When the Duke of Alençon, who commanded the second division of the French army, had failed to put an axe through Henry, he tried to surrender but was killed by the King's 40-strong bodyguard.

Mr Gilliot said: 'There were numerous heroic acts by the French on the field of battle, but they were met with barbarism by the English.' While, significantly, no English academics have been invited to today's conference in France, the revisionist theories have found support on the other side of the Channel.

Of course there are always quislings happy to do down England and its great victory over the French.

Still it is nice to see that spinning of facts is not just in the hands of one James Gordon Brown.

I shall just finish with the French leader Sarkozy words, yes him of the nails of chalkboard voiced wife - seriously don't even look her music up as it sucks and blows at the same time - who said Casse-toi alors, pauvre con


Ed Balls(up) - More socialist social engineering.

A major Government-backed review is expected to recommend reducing the amount of time spent on individual subjects in favour of a skills-based curriculum.

Under the move, schools would be encouraged to merge subjects together. It will give schools more time to explore themes such as healthy lifestyles, multiculturalism and personal development.

So less of the useful stuff like english and more on how we are all evil rascists and how every culture is good except the imperialist white race.

More on treehugging and making sure that you follow HM Govt guidelines on eating your 5 a day rather than learning maths.
Pupils will also be required to receive lessons on sex and relationships education following a Government decision this week to make the subject compulsory in all schools.

Under a further move, schools will be forced to teach foreign languages - another statutory requirement from 2010.

Sir Jim Rose, former director of inspections at Ofsted, was appointed by ministers to lead the overhaul of primary schools following an admission that existing timetables were outdated.
His interim report will be delivered to Ed Balls, the Schools Secretary, next week.
Sex and relationship education over that of proper lessons. 
Mr Balls tasked him to investigate whether "pupils' interests might be better served by studying fewer subjects during primary education".
In a letter, he told Sir Jim to "take out some of the clutter, reduce the number of set subjects".
Ministers have already introduced a new curriculum in secondary schools, giving teachers more flexibility.
Clutter, what the fuck. Look we have large numbers who due to little discipline in the home environment and under this shower bugger all in the schools, drift through unable to read or write. Failed by the state and they talk of clutter with regards lessons.

Only a fuckwit like Ed Balls, New Labours Piers Fletcher-Dervish would think that the nations youth is best served by social engineering in the classroom, rather than the clutter of proper lessons.
But the latest review has already been criticised because it does not cover Sats tests taken by 11-year-olds at the end of the primary years.
Critics claim they skew the curriculum as schools are forced to drop lessons to make way for exam practice.
Addressing the Commons schools select committee, Sir Jim said testing was the "elephant in the room" when he visited primary schools.
"It would be terribly disingenuous to say there's no problem here because of course it is an issue," he said.
Any attempt to cut time devoted to traditional subjects will also be strongly opposed by the Conservatives.
Not just the Conservatives, parents at least the ones not on sink estates who give a shit about their offsprings education will be opposing these moves.

Children should be taught to write, spell and add up. They need to learn facts not green cult scare tactics, not a revised history that includes fuck all about our culture but teaches them the rituals of each alien religion and the dates of every pagan festival from around the world.

Statist social engineering covered up in wank phrases like "fairness", "multiculturalism", "social justice" and "child proverty."
Nick Gibb, the shadow schools minister, said: "Whenever theme or project based learning has been tried in the past it has resulted in lower standards of achievement.
We need schools to focus on tried and tested methods that have been proven to work, not old fashioned approaches that have consistently failed."
Sir Jim's review will recommend that literacy and numeracy remains a focus across the curriculum.
It is likely to demand more flexible start dates for summer-born children entering primary school amid fears they quickly fall behind pupils with autumn birthdays. At the moment, pupils are often put into the same year group despite being born up to 12 months apart.
A survey of 1,500 teachers, parents and education officials - used to feed into the report - said primary schools should be less reliant on subjects and more on the lifestyle and "personal development" of pupils.
"Almost all respondents strongly believed that a curriculum framework driven by key concepts and processes - including personal, learning and thinking skills - should replace a curriculum dominated by content," said the report.
Well I don't care if they asked 15,000 teachers. Our education system needs to drill in facts, ficgures and not fluff and nonsense.

Ed Balls the social engineer of Gordon Brown.

Caroline Flint on Europe.

She said:

Britain is an island nation, but our instinct is international - we shop at European fashion shops, we eat at pizzerias, we holiday on the Mediterranean. So why do people distrust the European Union and feel distant from its institutions?

Well Caroline it is like this, yes we shop at European shops they however have their accounts signed off by accountants unlike the EU. We might also trust it if we did not feel that there was something to hide, after all if the place was open and above board we would have been given as vote as promised by your party.

She asked why people distant, well that is because the politicians are distant, are out of touch and make little if any effort to reach to the "average person" and explain issues to them in clear language. 

They see their money being poured away to fund MEP's who treat them with contempt, on projects and ideas they had no input in, no say as to the end results, with no way of complaining when things go wrong.

Maybe if Caroline actually listened to us mere plebs along with the Lord Kinnocks of this world then maybe the Eu might be worth a shit, oh and with some openness they may finally get the books signed off by the beancounters.

Oh and does anyone else think she is a patronising cuntfuck?

Alcohol shopping fun and games.

Oh God, here we go again...http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1079515/Supermarket-shoppers-face-walk-shame-alcohol-checkout-counter.html

Shoppers buying alcohol at the supermarket face a 'walk of shame' to a dedicated checkout counter. The plan is being drawn up by ministers to curb Britain's growing binge-drinking culture.

Right so they target everyone? Quite how does that help? Fuckers are making policy up on the fucking hoof.

Stores would have to create the 'alcohol-only' areas manned by specially-trained staff.

Labour's new policy on alcohol: express checkout for drinkers. Now that's more like it. Except that is not the intention...

This would hopefully deter shoppers from making excessive purchases by putting them under the scrutiny of fellow customers.

Why not go the whole hog and make them wear bottle 

Leading stores have been attacked for selling lager at a cheaper price than bottled water.

And don't the newspapers love that little factoid? Look, a tub of lard is cheaper than a pound of potatoes. A kitchen knife is cheaper than a packet of cigarettes. Who gives a shit? They're completely different products. It is not an either/or choice.

The only scandal about the relative prices of low quality lager and bottled water is that there are enough fashion victims and hypochondriacs prepared to spend two pounds on a bottle of something that comes out of a tap for less than a penny. If the supermarkets want to fleece these dickheads then good luck to them.

A senior Government source told the Daily Mail that ministers were convinced the easy availability of cut-price alcohol is causing young people, in particular, to drink to excess. 'Having separate areas to sell alcohol will help us tackle this growing problem of young people getting tanked up on cheap supermarket beers and lagers,' said the source.

How? Fucking HOW? Oh Christ, I grow so weary of you cunts. I am so fucking tired of listening to your stupid crap. You have all the laws you need to tackle underage drinking and plenty more besides. You do not need "specially-trained staff" to ask customers to show ID, a fucking chimp could do it.

You do not need special lanes, more taxes, more powers or any of the other fascist policies that you insufferable bastards keep bringing in as you pile law upon law. If, as we are told, there are pissed up teenagers causing mayhem all over the place then get your army of coppers to get out there to round the little twats up, confiscate their cider or whatever the fuck it is they drink these days, caution them, take them home and give their parents a bollocking.

And if some Chief Constable complains about having to do his job for a change then sack the fucker and make an example of him.

Effectively, it would bring alcohol sales into line with tobacco sales in supermarkets.

So the campaign against smoking was just a rehearsal for a crusade against other sections of society? Who would have predicted that?

The draft code of practice drawn up by the Home Office and the Department of Health also proposes cigarette-style health warnings about the dangers of alcohol for display in shops, bars and restaurants.

Are we getting the hang of this yet, nonsmokers? It doesn't matter whether you're a drinker, a motorist, a gambler, a sunbed user, a frequent flyer or a bit of a porker, sooner or later everything you approve of in the war against smokers will be used against you.

The move would bring Britain into line with countries such as Sweden, Norway and Finland, which have varying restrictions on alcohol sales and in some areas, only allow it to be sold at state-owned outlets.

Or to put it another way, it will bring us out of line with every country in Europe with the exception of three grim socialist hell-holes in Scandinavia where there is fuck all else to do except drink heavily, watch animal pornography and commit suicide.

Families doing a weekly shop would have to queue twice, once to purchase their groceries and again to purchase wine, beer and spirits.
Fuck you. Who do you think you are? What right do you have to waste a single second of my time with your nonsense?

Retailers are likely to be infuriated by the suggestion of dedicated check-out areas. They will argue that it would cost tens of thousands of pounds in store refits and staff training, and would also inconvenience customers.

But who cares, eh? They're only evil capitalists, they can take it. Their profits just fall out of the sky, don't they? It's not like these costs will be passed onto their customers.

And the effect of these costs on the supermarkets will be nothing compared to the effect on smaller, independent stores when - as is inevitable - the law is rolled out to include all shops. At which point the supermarkets will suddenly get behind the government and watch their local competition go bust.

Of course those champions of the free market in the Tory party are no better:

Earlier this month, Conservative MP Nigel Evans tabled an early day motion demanding that the government look at supermarkets' alcohol pricing policy after the disclosure that Asda had been selling four-packs of Skol for 90p, nearly half the price of a four-pack of Evian.

Sod the lot of them. If anybody should be doing the walk of shame it's this gaggle of cunts. The Tories can get in line to kiss my rosy red arse alongside Labour, LibDems, quack doctors, so-called health campaigners, Alcohol fucking Concern, lazy coppers and every other authoritarian wanker who wants to waste my time and fuck with my life.


Economy shrinks by 0.5% worst for 16 years...

Broke? Out of work, on short time, can't pay the rising bills? Well this cunt is partly to blame.
He is a twat, worst man for the job. Gordon Brown a man who makes me so angry I could punch his lights out

Iceland - A quick message: Hann er rugludallur

Look banking collapse aside, our PM was a gift - a rather poor one in the posion challace type of gift - from one Tony Blair. No one, not one citizen of this over taxed, over regulated, nanny stated, preached at by hypocrital champange socialists voted for this dour one eye'd Scottish calvinistic twat.

In your language you would say:

Hann er rugludallur. - which i believe means he is full of shit.

Which explains his use of terror laws and then agreeing to change his aproach/bottle matters again and loan more money to cover monies in Iclandic banks.

Gordon Brown a man who makes me so angry I could punch his lights out

New Labour cash sleaze.

Re the attempts by Liebour to spin the shit onto the party opposite, maybe they would care to reconsider after this lot:

31 January 2003: Janet Dunn gives £25,000 to the Labour Party. David Abrahams is the source of the money. 

6 May 2003: Janet Kidd, Mr Abrahams' secretary, gives Labour 25,000 on his behalf. 

18 August 2003: Builder Ray Ruddick, donates £25,000 for Mr Abrahams. 

12 January 2004: Mr Abrahams has solicitor John McCarthy donate £15,000. 

1 April 2004: Janet Kidd donates £10,000. 

27 October 2004: Janet Kidd donates £2,000. 

5 February 2005: John McCarthy donates £25,000. 

1 June 2005: John McCarthy donates £25,000. 

22 December 2005: John McCarthy donates £52,125. 

23 December 2005: Janet Kidd donates £30,000 and Ray Ruddick donates £17,850. 

21 April 2006: John McCarthy donates £50,000. 

24 May 2006: Ray Ruddick donates £50,000. 

22 June 2007: David Abrahams donates £5,000 directly to Hilary Benn's deputy leadership campaign, no proxy is used. 

28 June 2007: John McCarthy donates £35,000. 

29 June 2007: Janet Kidd donates £38,000 and Ray Ruddock donates £24,000. 

10 July 2007: Janet Kidd and Ray Ruddick donate £80,000 each. John McCarthy donates £55,000. 

17 July 2007: Janet Kidd donates £5,000 to Harriet Harman's successful campaign to become the deputy Labour leader. 

22 November 2007: Jon Mendelsohn, Labour's director of general election resources, writes to David Abrahams, asking for a meeting. 

25 November 2007: Reports emerge that the Labour Party has received nearly £400,000 of donations from businessman David Abrahams who used middlemen to pass on the donations to the party. 

Concern over secret Labour donor 
26 November 2007: Peter Watt resigns as Labour's general secretary. He admits that he knew Mr Abrahams was donating money to the party via intermediaries. 

Labour boss quits over donations 
27 November 2007: Prime Minister Gordon Brown says the donations were not lawfully
declared and commits the party to repaying them. He also announces an internal inquiry. His deputy, Harriet Harman, says she accepted £5,000 in donations from
Janet Kidd, but adds she was acting in "good faith" and did not know of the connection with David Abrahams. 

Brown admits donations 'unlawful' 

Harman defends Abrahams donation 

28 November 2007: Liberal Democrat MP Chris Huhne asks the police to investigate the donations. Jon Mendelsohn's letter of 22 November to David Abrahams is made public. 
Police asked to probe donations 

Brown faces new donor questions

29 November 2007: The Electoral Commission asks the police to investigate the donations. Chris Leslie, Gordon Brown's leadership campaign co-ordinator, confirms he suggested Mrs Kidd as a possible donor to Harriet Harman's campaign. Ms Harman tells MPs she acted "within both the letter and spirit of the law" in the row over David Abrahams' disguised donations.
Donations row referred to police

I acted within law - Harman

30 November 2007: The police are expected to begin their investigations. Justice Secretary Jack Straw says: "Gordon Brown had absolutely no knowledge of any connection - inappropriate connection - between Mr Abrahams and Mrs Kidd. Neitherdid I." Mr Brown says he is "ready to assist" any investigation. And the Conservatives demand a full inquiry into the granting of planning permission to a firm controlled by covert Labour donor David Abrahams.
Police to launch donations probe 

Brown 'will assist investigation'

Tories demand business park inquiry

1 December 2007: David Abrahams insists Labour's chief fundraiser, Jon Mendelsohn, knew of his plans to give the party money using proxy donors and had said it was "a good idea". Mr Mendelsohn denies this claim. Gordon Brown vows to reform party funding. Labour fundraiser knew - Abrahams

PM promises funding reform

2 December 2007: Conservative leader David Cameron says it "beggars belief" that Gordon Brown knew nothing of the proxy donations to Labour. Scottish Labour leader Wendy Alexander says she will not quit over a donation which broke the rules.
Cameron demands answers

Pressure on Labour continues

Alexander vows to continue

3 December 2007: Senior Liberal Democrat MP Chris Huhne says he is to speak to police to raise concerns about a planning deal involving David Abrahams. The Scottish National Party says Wendy Alexander is being used as a "human shield" by Gordon Brown. Mr Brown promises to move "quickly" to reform the funding of political parties.
Pressure on Labour continues

Alexander under more pressure

Brown 'wants quick reform'

4 December 2007: The Conservatives call a Commons debate on party funding following the row over hidden donations to Labour. 
Meanwhile, the Jersey-based businessman Paul Green, who gave £950 to Wendy
Alexander's campaign to become Scottish Labour leader, says there is "gross
mismanagement" at the top of the party in Scotland. 

At the other end of the stick is the humble BNP who say 'enough is enough', where 'enough' isn't a reference to cash!

Ooops, I nearly forgot the Source!

Hain donations file handed to CPS 

Police hand donations file to CPS 

Labour faces new donations claim 

Hain quits jobs 'to clear name' 

Hain reveals £103k not declared 

Abrahams cash put out of reach 

Hain to list all campaign donors 

Donor 'unlikely to get cash back'

(Hat tip Battle For Britain)

No doubt like the "RECESSION" Gordon shall only take credit for the things that go right whilst passing the buck when his policies turn the economy to shit....

Gordon Brown a man who makes me so angry I could punch his lights out