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"cc all your emails to Jacqui Smith" Day

Well I know I have mocked our rather dim witted Home Sec on many an occasion, its sort of like goading a dumb animal but without the guilt associated with being cruel to an animal. 

So imagine my delight a few days ago when I discovered a Facebook site designed to annoy the hell out of one Jacqui Smith.

After all who better to mock than pea brained, dope smoking, kebab eating, bovine faced, slack jawed, fat arsed Home Sec. Jacqui Smith?

Here is the facebook group: CC all your e-mails to Jacqui Smith.
"No government of any colour is to be trusted with such a roadmap to our souls": Ken McDonald, former head of the CPS.

The government has unveiled plans for a private company to run a "superdatabase" that will track all our emails, calls, texts, internet use and so on. This is an immense infringement of civil liberties, not to mention a major risk to our private data - but it won't make us any safer. The sheer amount of information that the Government intends to collect will be impossible to analyse properly and will undoubtedly turn up false positives while missing potential security threats amongst the morass of spam emails and private chat.

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So, for one day, we should send a message to the Home Office - "you want to see our emails? Ok then, here they are then!". 
They don't give a date but fuck it, she can have all them nice Nigeran e-mails from nice gentlemen in darkest Africa offering me a cut of someones money. The mess we as a nation are in Gordon needs every penny.

Penis extention e-mails well maybe Lord Mandelsnake might be interested.

Viagra, maybe my aged local MP Paul Flynn would be interested? 

Training courses, well thick Minister Ed Balls is first on the list.

Russian brides and such like, well take your pick there but I can think of one Lib Dem MP who likes east european flesh.

Bizarre scat porn, Mark Oaten obviously.

They want to monitor my crap, fine I will send them the lot. 

Update its grown to a full website: http://www.ccjacquismith.co.uk/

How long, O Cyclops, will you abuse our patience? How long is that madness of yours still to mock us? When is there to be an end of that unbridled audacity of yours?

Labour & their champagne swilling backers all part of a nomenklatura supporting a leader out of touch with reality.

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