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Yet another tedious threat announcement from bovine faced expense fiddler Jacqui Smith.

Oh here we fucking go again, another piss poor scare story from the Ministry of Truth...
The risk of terrorists obtaining the material to mount a 'dirty bomb' attack in Britain is rising, the Government claimed today.

In a report to Parliament on the current state of the terrorist threat, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith claimed an increasing amount of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear material has become available around the world and that it could fall into the hands of extremists living in Britain.

Blah blah blah, muzzies under the bed. Evil kaftan wearing, sword waving islamoloons about to murder us in our beds etc etc. 
I have the following to say to Jacqui Smith:

Look Jacqui just fucking give it a rest you bovine faced, slack jawed, inbred, fat arsed, kebab muching expense fiddling fucktard. Now if as you say there is a real threat should not very important New Labour folk migrate to a secret bunker underground rather than a spare bedroom in south London?

If an I do mean if we are going to get a terror attack from the followers of Mo. then who's fault is that? 

Seriously none of you fucking dickheads in Labour spent more than 30 seconds thinking- an I am being optimistic in the 30 seconds part - before ignoring the reports of and killing off Dr David Kelly the weapons expert.

You wanted a Thatcher style Falklands war, swan off have a quick war an then a nice victory march whilst surounded by cheering locals. Well you sure fucked that one up.

Did not one of you think that by putting troops in a moslem nation you would play into the calls of "Crusades" by Alky Ada as Gordon calls it? Nope most likely not.

Talk about rattling a fucking proverbial islamic parrot cage, then what have you done? Whilst I was quite happy to see Saddam swing off into the afterlife, your lot removed the moral cause for the war by lying in the first place. 

All the while, you kept our troops undersupplied whilst fighting in Iraq/Afghanistan. Meanwhile your craven New Labour lot have given in to damn near every demand by moslems over here.

You have opened the door to every Saudi sword waving mullah of hate that wants to set up shop and flog DVD's of jihadist beheadings.

Then you piss away millions on "engagement" and tackling "Anti-Islamic activity" oh an fucked if anyone in government even knows where all the cash has gone. 

You have set up a group of self appointed spokesbeards who take government cash whilst pissing an moaning about damn near everything. A religious race trade group who speak for the vocal minority of moslems, not the majority.

Throw in your open door immigration policy and now you start issuing panic alerts. 

In fact Jacqui lets wind the clock back about 4 years to when after 7/7 the grinning popinjay who was PM then said he was going to get really tough on home grown extremists. Net result of that was fuck all to be fair, even now reports hit the papers on a regular basis of chaps packing the old kit bag and travelling off to somewhereistan and learning the fine arts of jihad.

Seriously all you have managed to do is stamp your little jackboots all over our liberties, thrown out Geert Wilders who warned of the dangers and now you panic.

Now I have fucking nothing but contempt for much of Islams oppression of women, killing of homosexuals in Iran and elsewhere and general religious fuckwittery. I will also add that I dislike the Church of England, Mormons, door knocking Witnesses and extreme God bothering fuckheads of any type.

Whats worse you have used the moslems as whipping boys, now want us all looking over our shoulders when we jump in a taxi or pop to the corner shop which just happens to owned by a moslem. Casting the majority in with the asshats, if ever their was a do nothing fuck it up, knee jerk reaction government then this is it and you Jacqui are the worst of the lot of them.

On a personal note I find her as pleasant as a home sick turd that will not flush down the pan, she stands there issuing a soundbite whilst chewing the cud and working out new ways to react to whatever has made the news that day. Her idea of forward planning is thinking of what kebab topping to order from that nice chap in Peckham.

Fuck off Jacqui, just fuck off an die.

2 people have spoken:

Oldrightie said...

Macbeth would be proud.
Smith, Cooper, Harman. Delightful trio of hags.

Fidothedog said...

Yes a horrid lot, evil twisted champagne socialists.