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If ever there was a government out of touch, then New Labour is it.

Easter Egg hunts, pointless PR wankfest from the hive mind mentality of James Purnell...
Job seekers have been asked to take part in an 'humiliating' Easter egg hunt - to win prizes to help them get back into work.

JobCentre bosses have invited more than 150 unemployed people to search for 35 chocolate eggs containing prizes such as job application forms.

The eggs contain prizes including an application form to become a security guard, a payment for a licence to work on building sites and vouchers to buy job interview clothes from Burton or Dorothy Perkins.

But furious job seekers have accused JobCentre bosses of insulting them.

Unemployed Graham Barnes, 31, of Peckham, south London, said: 'Most people are desperate to find work and are grateful for any help on offer.

'But asking us to take part in an Easter egg hunt is humiliating.

'Some of us are not proud of signing on, and this just rubs our face in it.

'I am struggling to pay the rent this month so how can I justify wasting my time playing games when I am supposed to be earning money.'

Reg O'Donoghue, from Walworth, said: 'Unemployment is neither a game nor much fun.

'To expect people to enjoy hunting for 35 eggs hidden between computers and files is more out of touch with reality than an insult.

'It would only make sense if inside each egg was an appointment for a genuine job interview.

'It's hard to imagine an unemployed person - weighed down with responsibilities, with a mortgage or rent to find, council tax to pay and maybe a family to feed - being full of the joys, arriving home clutching an Easter egg.'

The hunt has been organised by JobCentre Plus contractor Skills Training Centre UK (STC) and will be held on Wednesday at the company's offices in Southwark, South London.

Do they seriously think that the people thrown out of work, thanks in a large part to New Labour's piss poor economic policies have fuck all to do with their time other than take part in Easter egg hunts!

Patronising, condescending, demeaning fucking cunts. As someone looking for employment myself at this moment in time I would like to insert on of those Easter eggs in a place where the sun does not shine.

3 people have spoken:

Oldrightie said...

Labour, don't you just love 'em?

Anonymous said...

I can only hope that the Southwark offices are stripped bare during the course of this travesty.

Every "easter egg" found should be swiftly and forcibly donated to the colon of the stupid bitch who thought this stunt up. Once full of "eggs" she should be reinterviewed for her own job by being made to crawl on all fours and grunt like a pig. The job should then be given to a humane being with a sense of taste and decorum.

What next? Hang around the JSA car park gates at dawn hoping that you'll be picked for a "giro" award?

Fidothedog said...

Job seekers need work, not easter eggs.