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Alan Johnson soft on crime.

Labour continues to exercise a great concern over how to best protect the criminal class.

"Millions of convictions could be wiped from the police national computer or kept hidden from employers to give minor criminals a second chance. New Home Secretary Alan Johnson yesterday announced the major review of the way police store details of criminal convictions for less serious offences such as theft or criminal damage - which can be retained for 100 years."

So when did theft become a minor offence? Sorry must have missed that one? I thought that crime was crime well unless your an MP in which case it is a "misunderstanding" or "within the rules."

Crime is a crime, is a crime. Be it a spot of shoplifting, not declaring ones tax, or not paying the TV licence. Should it be a minor offence an employer would see that as the case and determine accordingly.

I dislike paying the telly tax but have to do so, should I not I would have to appear before the justices at some point to answer why.

Such a shame that this government care more about those who commit crimes against society, rather than the victims of crime.

I did attempt to debate this subject some time back with Jack Straw on his "open blog", sadly no answer was forthcoming from Mr Straw. He like many politicians sees the media as an outlet for tractorstats and froth and ignores all debate.


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