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Chuckles Blair claimed for a new roof.

Still compared to his crimes over telling lies over Iraq and damn near every thing else he has ever talked about its small change.
Mr Blair, who left Downing Street on June 27, 2007, submitted an invoice on June 25 for "roof repairs" which cost £6,990. The bill was dated June 8, suggesting that Mr Blair arranged for the work to be done after he had announced the date when he would be leaving parliament.
From The Telegraph. One day Chuckles, one day I hope to see you swing just like Saddam.

Whilst lording it like some Pasha style potentate Chuckles also claimed £177.13 for food and £15 to pay his window cleaner. He also claimed £131.50 for his television licence, an annual newspaper bill of £1,167.48, regular bills for his Orange mobile phone and £515.75 for the delivery and installation of a Siemens dishwasher.

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May return soon..fuckety fuck. said...

did tony the poodle charge for his daily dog walking and professional shit shovler?..utter fucking cunt. and yes, i hope to see the grinning fucknut hang one day too.