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Citizen test, what a load of PC shit.

WTF is this fucking bollocks.

An A-Z of the questions you are likely to be asked by some official in the Home Office. Why not just throw in a guide to playing the system, working the Human Rights Act and claiming your "family faces oppression" back in Bongoland.

The questions should be, do you have the means to support yourself, do you speak English, provide for the education of your offspring and have private medical insurance and a pension in place for your old age.

Fucking citizen test, what a load of old shit.

Oh should you fail and actually leave the UK then wander off to some dusty third world toilet for a few years on jihad, get picked up by Americans and after a few years in Club Gitmo that banana wielding hoon Milicunt will lay on a private jet for you. Despite you being an illegal with no ties to the UK.

Oh and aside from the huge bill for the private jet dumped on the taxpayer, you might even get the chance to go line dancing with David Miliband.

1 people have spoken:

May return soon..fuckety fuck. said...

you couldnt make this shit up could you?..yes, thanks to nulabore, every cunting raghead can live a life of wealth whilist plotting to murder the hand that feeds them...utter fucking idiosy from a bunch of utter hooning cunts.