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Find your MP

Did you MP claim a designer duck island, a new kitchen or forget to pay a huge wedge in stamp duties to HM Govt.

Well this site http://www.shouldyourmpgo.com/ shows where are, so you can pop in an have a word.

As they say:

We’ve tried to be as fair and inclusive as possible, but if any one is missing, do please let us know! As we offer this as a free public service, we’d hate for any MP to feel they were missing out on something they could claim for, and obviously inclusion on the Scammer Scanner should be viewed as a ministerial perk and reward for creative accounting.

On a serious note folks, this map highlights how corruptible the expenses system is, and while claiming over £1,000 for a leather rocking chair is “within the rules” we feel that it just demonstrates the complete lack of moral compass with which the MP’s have navigated their way through the public purse.

We call on all members of the public to join us in a campaign of letter writing, petitioning and public demonstration demanding reform of the parliamentary expenses system, expulsion of those MP’s who are stepping down and legal prosecution in the case of fraud.

Our special Scammer Scanner exists only because of the many long hours of research and reference via the “TheyWorkForYou.com” web site, and many hours of programming and development, so many thanks to Shooda for programming this feature up, pretty damn good eh? Please, leave him a message of congratulations below.

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