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John Bercow - MPs should be paid £100,000 a year.

From The Mail....Oh come on, he seriously thinks that MP's are worth that sort of money? Besides when you factor in expenses and almost every MP is grafting £100,000+ in expenses, they are in real terms already on that.

Less and less of our law making is actually done in The Commons, what with the increasing number of laws/edicts and regulations coming from Europe our MP's have a reduced workload compared with say 20 years ago.

He claims that they should earn the same as a GP, well there is a difference. A GP went and trained for years, learned their skills and actually put something positive into society. Anyone can stand for the role of MP and even basic intelligence or rather the lack of; has never been a bar to high political office.

He further justifies the wage rise on the grounds that many MPs do not have outside earnings, an argument often used by Labour. Well people in other trades do not often have no outside earnings, they do their job, cover all their costs from their wages and struggle on through all the tax rises, how many MP's can claim that?

Throw in the large number of holidays, perks, scams and sleaze indulged in by MP's and they do not deserve their current wage yet alone a copper coin increase.

What an insufferable little twat Bercow is, no wonder he has the backing of scum MP's like Paul Flynn and Tom Harris.

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