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Michael Jackson is dead!(not the proper one as the beer hunter is already dead)

Little boys bums are a bit safer this day.

Some more on the real Michael Jackson not the pederast who died today.

What were the last words Michael Jackson said to the doctor on his way to hospital?
Put me in the childrens ward.

Just seen The Jacksons on Family Fortunes. They were doing really well until Vernon asked, 'Where do you take kids for a treat?' Sadly, 'up the arse' was not a top 4 answer.

Macauly Culkin had to identify the body, afterwards at a press statement he said he hadn't seen MJ so stiff in years

They're not blaming it on the sunshine or moonlight at this point, but apparently the boogie is yet to be ruled out.

What's the difference between Sir Alex Ferguson and Michael Jackson? Fergie will be playing Giggs in August.

What's the difference between Michael Jackson and Disney Films? Disney films can still touch kids

There may still be hope of bringing Michael Jackson back! Apparently they've sent one of the Charlie's Angels in after him.

All his dates are now cancelled, including Simon and Ryan aged 5 and 9

Doctors say that Michael Jackson will be donating his organs to children... again

Michael Jackson's last request was to be cremated and for his ashes to be put in an etch-a-sketch so kids could still play with him.

He didnt die of cardiac arrest he was in the childrens hospital havin a stroke

Mj's Ghost has been spotted on the childrens ward of a hospital. Seems he is still going to be putting the willies up kids

An auction has already started for Michael Jacksons personal belongings with a bidding war erupting between Gary Glitter and The Catholic Church for MJ's little black book...

Michael Jackson has died aged 50. In spirit of recycling, he will be melted down into plastic party cups, so kids can still get their lips around his rim!

The FBI has raided jackos house and found class A drugs in the kitchen, class b drugs in the living room and class 5c in the bedroom.

Michael Jackson is not going to be buried or cremated but recycled into shopping bags so he can remain white, plastic and dangerous for kids to play with.

They believe Micheal Jackson's death was due to heredity issues. The doctors say the cause may have been his billy gene.

What colour is Michael Jackson's ghost going to be?

the jockeys at newmarket will be wearing black armbands at the race meeting tomorrow in memory of MJ....................... hes ridden more 3 year olds than anyone in history !!!!

Look on the bright side at least MJ has been reunited with Ben. Thats assuming the rat ended up in hell with other paedos

Greenpeace has described MJ's death as 'a tragedy' - as he's not biodegradable.

I wish to complain about this 02 ticket what I purchased not half an hour ago
Oh yes, the Michael Jackson. What's wrong with it?

Jackson family have decided on cremating the body. They want him to be black again when in heaven

The cause of death was having an allergy after eating some 12 year old nuts?

michael jackson gets to the gates of heaven and god says to him, "i can not decide if you are black or white so just beat it"

Michael Jackson pronounced dead, wife Madeline Mccann-Jackson said to be distressed

I heard they tried to use a defibrilator on MJ, It just melted his chest!

Do your worst folks, post away.

4 people have spoken:

banned said...

At least this will save the embarrasment all round by not sdewing up his fifity night stand at the 02.
RIP nevertheless.

Q. What is worse than letting your children stay at MJs place for a sleepover ?


JPT said...

I thought he was going to live forever, in a tent or a bubble or something.
Never mind.

Anonymous said...

Following Jackson's death, it has been decided that his body be melted down and turned into toys so that kids can play with him for a change

Anonymous said...

the cause of death was having an allergy after eating some 12 year old nuts?