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Playing the race card: Fata Lemes £3000 on the race card lottery.

Play the race card, grab a nice payout. Easy money for a Muslim cocktail waitress!

A Muslim cocktail waitress who won £3,000 for sexual harassment after refusing to wear an ‘indecent’ dress for work has posted pictures of herself wearing a low-cut top on the internet.

Fata Lemes, 33, told a tribunal that she was ‘not used to wearing sexually attractive clothes’ and that the bright red dress made her feel ‘she might as well be naked.’

But today she appeared to contradict herself by posting pictures of herself on the social networking website Facebook, in which she is wearing a revealing top.

The tribunal concluded the Bosnian Muslim 'holds views about modesty and decency which some might think unusual in Britain in the 21st century' but rejected her claim that the dress, which she was asked to wear at the Rocket bar in London’s Mayfair was ‘sexually revealing and indecent.’

Gosh, says one thing and does another. Hardly the behaviour of an honest moslem. Still if she wants to take offense then she can see herself as the cartoon Mo.

However it accepted that Miss Lemes genuinely believed that the short, low-cut dress was 'disgusting' and made her look 'like a prostitute'.

Her bosses should have made allowance for her feelings and their insistence that she wear the dress amounted to sexual harassment, the tribunal ruled.

The panel at Central London Employment Tribunal found that Miss Lemes overstated her trauma at being asked to wear the sleeveless dress that was open at the back.

It also rejected Miss Lemes' claim that she was left with no choice but to walk out of her job after just eight days.

It branded her compensation claim of £20,000 including £17,500 for hurt feelings as 'manifestly absurd'.

But it awarded her £2,919.95 for hurt feelings and loss of earnings..

In its judgment, the panel ruled that restaurant group Spring & Greene, which owns the Rocket chain, must 'take their victim as they find her'.

Yep another winner in victimhood poker, where the legal system throws out common sense in an attempt to appease all hurt feelings.

If she was not happy, she sould not have taken the job serving haram(alcoholic) drinks to kuffir (unbelievers).

Still play the Muslim card, always a good one in victimhood poker and cash yr chips in. Full rules on Victimhood Poker can be found here.

2 people have spoken:

May return soon..fuckety fuck. said...

oh pleeeease! what did the dumb fucking bitch expect?..she was working in some bar!..she knew what she would have had to wore to work!..was she expecting to wear a fucking burka?!..but im sure she is too naive to have thought about a huge payoff...

Fidothedog said...

Yep, handing out haram drinks to infidels.

Were she such a firm believer she would cover up on Facebook, not work a bar, indeed not work at all.