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Rt Hon Hoon Roger Berry MP.

Roger Berry's costs incurred at his designated second home in London included £696 on Sony 26-inch LCD TV, £250 on DVD player, £1067.49 on washer dryer, £574.28 on dishwasher

He also voted for 42 days and to keep mp perks under cover. Safe from prying FOI requests.

He also likes the ID cards and would be happy to see us all pay to be tagged like beef cattle.

Our Roger also likes the idea of sticking two fingers up at Gurkha OAP's as he voted against them being allowed to stay here in the UK.

A typical socialist, authoritarian, likes his own perks but his socialist beliefs do not stretch to helping old soldiers who took up arms for the UK.

2 people have spoken:

May return soon..fuckety fuck. said...

utter, utter CUNT. as simple as that. CUNT.

Fidothedog said...

Almost as big a cunt as El Cyclops.