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Rt Hon Hoon Russel Brown MP -

A dof of the cap to the universality of cheese who pointed out that his MP has his finger on the issues that matter!

MP tackles sticky gum problem

Dumfries and Galloway's Labour MP is tackling the sticky problem of discarded gum on streets and pavements.

Russell Brown has written to top gum manufacturer Wrigley urging to invest in biodegradable alternatives.

He believes it is wrong for local authorities to have to pick up the bill for cleaning up gum. He has invested in researching biodegradable gum. http://tinyurl.com/ljtxxt

I had a dig at this grasping MP myself, after the Telegraph pointed out that he had claimed:
Russell Brown reclaimed the maximum allowed under the Commons expenses system for his bathroom to be refurbished at his rented designated second home in London. Claimed for his rented second home in London included £1,368.88 on carpets and floor covering, £898 on two armchairs and £4,500 for a replacement bathroom
Tough on gum, tough on the causes of gum.

3 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

I've just claimed VAT on decorating my office at home - and thrown in the Vat expense on plumbing just to see what happens.

All of my personal expenses (Tesco as well) has been pushed through as expenses much to the despair of my accountant so I signed them with an accompanying letter and copy of the Green Book stating that at least its not tax-payer funded!

Oh, and I've copied my MP in and they know it.
Let's see what the fuckers do now!

Fidothedog said...

I e-mailed Gordo on the NO.10 site a couple of times to claim expense, no reply as yet.

He must be busy getting on with the job, helping working families, (insert soundbite)and blaming America.

Shibby said...

As someone living in Dumfries I find it easy to say that Russel's a twat.