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Baroness Scotland - ban on book thats already out.

WTF? Book blocked by injunction but its already in the media.

The publication of a former anti-terror chief's book has been blocked by the Attorney General even though it is already on sale in the shops and has been serialised in a national newspaper.

Baroness Scotland QC stepped in at the last minute to obtain an injunction preventing The Terrorist Hunters from hitting the shelves today.

The book, by retired Scotland Yard assistant commissioner Andy Hayman, focused on the struggle against Islamic terrorism in the aftermath of the July 7 attacks.

An advisory notice highlighting the injunction, granted by an unnamed High Court judge, was circulated to newspaper editors at 11.45pm last night.

The farce around the book echoes the famous Spycatcher furore in the 1980s when the Government tried to ban the publication of ex-MI5 boss Peter Wright's damning memoirs of his time in the service.

Now I always thought that when a government was to ban something, they should act before the papers have picked up on it. No doubt when someone with some common sense realises that any damage that could be done, already has been the ban will be dropped.

Still it will give the author a few extra sales online methinks.

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