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Jack Straw proves he his a tool, post 80 billion or something.

Quite what is it with Jack Straw having to prove he is a tool at each and every opportuinity? Is it some competition with Jacqui Smith/Ed Balls/Miliband and Cyclops Brown as to who can look the biggest cunt in the shortest possible time?

The family of jailed Liverpool football fan Michael Shields reacted with fury today after Justice Secretary jack Straw turned down their son's appeal for a pardon.

Shields was jailed for 15 years in Bulgaria in 2005 for the attempted murder of a barman following Liverpool FC's European Cup victory in Turkey.

Despite another man confessing to the attack, Shields was locked up for 10 years.

In a provisional decision, Mr Straw was unable to conclude the 22-year-old was 'morally and technically innocent', a Ministry of Justice spokesman said

Mr Shield's father, Michael senior, said that his son was 'distraught' at the decision.

So we have the Bularians who admit the case has holes in it that one can fly a passenger jet through, yet Straw claims that he is not 'morally and technically innocent'. Even a sodding confession, yet Jack does the grand total of fuck all.

As for the 'morally and technically innocent' well neither is Jack, we have seen precious little justice from the so called Ministry of Justice. Take a look in the mirror Straw, just take a good long look in the mirror.

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