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Oh for fucks sake no. NHS pay lardy arses to lose weight.

Oh come on, now this has to one of the most fucking stupid ideas ever. Lardy cunts to get a payout from the taxpayers.
Men and women are to be paid to lose weight in the first scheme of its kind in the UK.

They will be given a £1 shopping voucher for every pound they shed in the pilot project for some 100 volunteers.

Participants must be significantly overweight, and 'before and after' photo sessions will highlight the benefits of their efforts.

If the pilot due to begin in September is successful, the idea could be rolled out across the UK.
Look its simple. People eat lots of food, gain weight and now some Grauniad reading tofu muncher thinks that its a jolly jape to reward the porkie to change their ways.
However, experts warned that financial incentives could promote dangerous binge-dieting to gain the rewards but would not encourage long-term changes in eating habits and exercise.
There you go, even the experts agree that this is a badly thought out crock of shit. No wonder the nation is going bankrupt as every is pissing away cash as fast as they can.

Actually screw it, I shall be going on a junk food binge, followed by vast amounts of ale. Then sign up an have the state may my fat arse to lose the weight.

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banned said...

Great, I'll turn up at the fat cunt clinic with body armour and a few bell bars in my pockets then return a few weeks later to get my slimmers bonus.